Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank You For Supporting Our New Fundraiser To End Depression From Very Tangled Matted Hair

Our ultimate goal is to raise funds to travel and provide our unique healing service to people who can not afford to travel to us or pay for our travel to them-to have their hair detangled.

Also we would like to train and hire more hairdressers, but we must have clients to train on and with.

 At present we have clients on our waiting lists- who are unable to afford travel costs/  They are requesting hairdressers to travel to them for professional detangling services.    

Fundraiser MISSION:
  To get people functioning again in life by keeping their hair.

Cutting is not the solution.  Hair is a large aspect of our identity.

We are contacted by people internationally.

Some have had strokes and have been unable to comb their hair for months.  Family members contact us for their children or elderly loved ones who are in nursing homes and their hair has been neglected.  

Others contact us with matted hair due to:
Wheel chair bound, 
Healing at home,
Sick in the hospital,
Family constraints,
Undergoing cancer treatment,
Coming out of a coma,
Hair product/hairdresser mistakes,
Medication side effects
Abuse victims     

In exchange for discounted rates for our detangling services, we will video record detangling a clients hair and use the video for training purposes.  

Sometimes it could take 2-3 days to detangle a whole head of matted hair that has not been combed for 6 months or a year.  So all clients must pay for any required travel and accommodations.  

People become depressed, if they aren’t already suffering from depression.   The longer the hair is matted and tangled, it causes headaches from the pain and weight on the head. It causes frustration, irritation, and low self esteem.  

People are ashamed to go outside of their homes, to work or to even to a salon because people will judge them.  And unfortunately most salons and hairdressers reject clients after they criticize or judge the condition of their hair. 

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Ceciwolfcat7 said...

Hello and blessings to everyone,

I am one suffering badly with beyond matted hair,
it is practically now a compacted stressful and painful
helmet on my head. I never knew such a service existed
until miraculously God led me to these earth angels. I have yet to meet them but I am excited to, not only for their Godly services but I know they are kind lovely people. I have brain cancer, as well as a few other illnesses I battle every day, and quite severe depression due to many hospital stays, being bed-ridden and so on. I cannot work and my disability does not provide me with enough to cover all my expenses, much less pay these lovely people for their services. So I sit here with the hopes that I may soon meet them and be able to carry on as I did normally before this. I also pray that they find good souls that care about others' misfortunes and are able to share their good fortune in order to help those of us in these horrible situations by helping these beautiful blessed ladies cover traveling expenses. It is hard on them too to see so many people in distress and feeling helpless to lend their talents. I have spoken with them several times and they truly are God's children.