Friday, March 2, 2012


The art of detangling hair involves more than just separating hair that has strategically interwoven on itself in a maze beyond human understanding; detangling hair is about HEALING. There are so many reasons why women and men contact us about their tangled matted hair.

***We use our talent to lay hands on the sick due to hair matts so they’ll recover **

Tangled Matted Hair Is oppression
It can lead to depression or be the result of depression. Tangled matted hair is a form of bondage and we desire to set women and men free.

Like a plumber that sets us free from a blocked up toilet which can lead to depression and frustration-we are hairdressers that remove the blockages in your hair.
Dear THT,
I was blessed with a baby boy three months ago. After I received my first period after delivery my hair has become impossibly tangled and half of it comes out each time I shampoo my hair. What treatment do you recommend?
Thank you kindly, from Mexico

Hello.. Do u have services in the UK??  My hair desperately needs help!!  Its just one big nest of solid knots at the back n side of my head n then the rest is matted together..  Its actually ruining my life !!  Its stopping me from doin things like goin out with my friend n im only 19. I don’t want to be stuck in all the time.. I really don’t know what to do n my family know my hair is knotty but they don’t know just how bad it is cos im too embarrassed to show them..I used to do all sorts with my hair, it used to be a different colour every week n id always wear it down as it was very long.. Now the only thing I can do is put a bobble round the birds nest n try my best to make it look like a messy side bun.

Please help meL

I was just researching solutions for severely matted hair and came across your web-site.
Do you have any techs in Pennsylvania?

Do you have any tangled hair techs in the Los Angeles area? I recently had a baby and have been taking quick - 90 second showers w/out having the time to comb through my hair. My husband was off the other day so I planned to spend time combing my hair out when I realized it was very matted on the right side. I ordered the take down product and have been trying to detangle my hair but no luck. I REALLY don't want to cut it. Can you please help?

i live in king of prussia pa and have a giant ball of matted, knotted hair that i need to get out possibly by friday! CAN YOU HELP ME?

Hi, I live in the Boston MA area, where are you located. My story is as follows, started three years ago with a really horrible hair cut, the stylist, said he had a special technique which bends and curls the hair, I have baby fine, super straight dark blone hair, was natural toehead til 30's.

He cut the hair dry with hairspray on it.............then I passed out drunk at a party and my hair was sheared like a ribbon which coils, they also put eyelash stimulator all over my scalp, then, three more bad cuts by other sytlists. then went to alleged superstylist to get a corrective cut, he gave me a justin bieber (sp) cut so the hair was cut to come forward from the back, then extensions with heat and glue which ripped out of my head without my pulling, big bald spots, hair seems to have regrown.
however all it does now after new stylist and 2 keratin express blow outs and cuts which suck the hair is just clumping and tangling and the eyelash hair is more coarse, so the real hair is just winding around it and it pulls and hurts so much, it is now thinning and you can see bald spots it wont go back or side ways and it is impossible to even part or get a line in the hair to blunt cut...........I have also had many surgeries and illnesses throughout the past 15 years, I saw my primary care md and he said he could not see any medical reason for this....I have a preexisting anxiety/panic disorder which I am medicated for, I almost lost my husband 10 months ago and the stress has taken its toll on my weight, hair and skin. I am using products the orabi and taking super food vitamins, my appetite and diet stinks. I am not a woman of financial means I am an artist, currently starving, litterally and figuratively! I am hoping there may be some compassionate person out there to help me.... I have not been able to work for the psst two years as I severely fractured my wrist which required four surgeries and two bone grafts, the last surgery on the wrist being in September 2011, my husband underwent a routine cardiac procedure resulting in a hole being lasered into his superior vena cava, he bled out, coded on the table had a stroke and required a 12 hour surgery to save his life, he was on life support for months and rehab for months, he is now doing so much better, I have a lot of medical knowlege and a biotechnology background so I was his primary care md at home, I was very brave and never flinched during this time, but now that things are better, I am a wreck and so ashamed of the way I look, I can't tell you. Can you help me...I think you are located in Boca, maybe i could get bus fare, I have a friend there I may be able to stay with, or maybe there is someone in Massachusetts that you know. I am going to see a shrink now in addition to doing accupunture and polarity massage and mind and body wellness programs. I am really trying, I am 49 and in menopause as well and taking no hormones as I smoke. My medicine is ativan, baclofen I have cervical dystonia which causes severe neck spasms and pain, seeing a neurologist in Feb. and also taking 5 mg of vicodin a day for the pain still in my wrist. Sorry for the very long message, but I am hoping somone can help. I am not a nut or anything close, i am a strong independent woman, but currently in crisis. Thank you so very much for your time and possible help.


My mom was in a car accident and was unable to wash her hair for 10 weeks. We tried washing it yesterday and it was okay, but as soon as it dried it formed really big knots in 3 separate places and is very uncomfortable. Took her to couple of different salons and they all said it need to be cut, it is tangled in several places near the roots. Is there anything you can do to help? We live in Houston,TX. Thank you and please get back to us as soon as you can.
Thank you for your time,


I read on the website that Tangled Hair Techs is looking for individuals who are interested in learning how to detangle hair...
I am very interested in learning how to do so.
I live in the Caribbean island of Barbados and about six-months ago after my own braid extension take down disaster, I started educating myself about hair because I wanted to take the best care of my own hair as possible. I am not a hairdresser, but I have come to realize how I often neglected and mistreated my hair through ignorance.  I just got tired entrusting the care of my hair to persons who were not concerned with helping me to grow, maintain and retain my hair and decided to take responsibility for my beloved strands...
So how do I go about learning how to detangle hair?
Looking forward to hearing from you,

My name is Phenice and I wanted to know what your hiring process is.
I do not have a cosmetology license. Would that be a problem?
I enjoy doing hair and being a mother of three girls I know the struggle of combing and De-tangling hair.
Please let me know.
Although I've had dandruff for years now, presently i'm experiencing hair loss especially in the middle of my head where the hair use to be more.
what do you advice?
I wouldn't mind coming for consultation if necessary.
your prompt response shall be appreciated.