Saturday, September 27, 2014

We Care About Detangling Your Hair

We know that Detangling Your Hair Is Not For Every Hairdresser....

But Don’t lose Hope.   We know that most hairdressers will not detangle your hair.  But we are working to train hairdressers all over the world that will care about detangling your hair.

We only use the Take Down Remover cream to soften and moisturize dry hair.  And to remove knots, clumps, tangles and matts.  We do not use conditioner, glycerin, detangler sprays or water based products to detangle very matted tangled hair.  It makes the hair worse!

Along with the product, our unique techniques allow us to successfully detangle every head with patience, persistence, prayer and faith. Remember “ With God All Things Are Possible”  Matthew 19:26