Saturday, July 27, 2013

How To Detangle Dry Matted Hair Without Conditioner


Dry hair detanglers like the Take Down Remover Cream work fast at softening the hair so if your hair is very dry it will be moisturized before you start to untangle the knots.  Patience is also needed when detangling dry hair-because if you rush, the hair can break easily.


NEVER SHAMPOO VERY MATTED TANGLED HAIR....It will only get WORSE.  This creates knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair. 

== Things You'll Need ==
*Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream
*Wide tooth comb/ Rat tail comb(metal tip)
*A LOT of patience!!

  1. DO NOT wet the hair, this will only cause MORE tangles and breakage.  First, SOAK Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream on the hair and massage deeply.
  1. Next, add more of Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream  to your hair just as you normally would a conditioner and make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY saturated.
  1.  Take a (metal tip) rat tail comb and pick apart the knots and simultaneously use your fingers to  untangle. That will prevent breakage.  Using the Take Down Remover/Detangler prevents your hair from getting dry; however you should NEVER wet your hair or shampoo until hair is COMPLETELY TANGLE FREE. 
4.  Once all sections are detangled, feel free to braid the sections(if you want to) and then later  rinse Take Down Remover and shampoo with 
warm to hot water.

Your hair is worth saving

 Don't let anyone tell you its impossible!

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