Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Call Us The Plumbers Of Hairdressing

Who Advised Her To Use Bleach?

........ I've had my hair matted for about almost 2 months now my hair goes halfway down my butt and it is now matted into one huge not that I can not get out I've never seen anything like this I've tried everything I've tried to Taylors conditioners and even seen on YouTube to soak my hair in bleach that's the only thing that has come closest to getting this out but it's damaged my hair so bad and I don't want to cut it its not it from my scalp all the way down I cannot even run my fingers through it if I tried its so bad my scalp is blistering from it pulling so hard on the back of my head can you please help me give me some advice or send me somewhere to somebody that is trained in this kind of mess thank you so much 

Some say plumbing is a dirty job, but if your toilet doesn't flush or your sink is not working because the drain is clogged up-you want someone who can get the dirty job done!

Some hairdressers will not and can not be bothered with a tangled matted dirty hair mess.  Excuse me!!!!!    My hair is in bondage.....I need help here.  Not condemnation!

Its depressing to have a blocked, ugly and stinking toilet or sink drain.  In fact, you won’t even want to let people know about the smelly bondage you are dealing with in your home.

Imagine going for weeks with your toilet or sink clogged.  And then everyone tells you that there is no hope of unclogging your toilet or sink drain.  Their advice is just to take out your imported designer toilet and throw it away.  Or to completely remove your custom sink and get a new one.

Securing a plumber is the solution.

Well that’s what happens with individuals suffering with severely tangled matted hair.  Their hair is so intertwined and locked up that it makes you feel like you are in bondage. 

We understand that CUTTING and SHAVING all your hair off is not an easy solution to swallow!

So PLEASE Don't Do It...........