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Quick Tips to Get Rid of Tangled Matted Hair

 Men need their tangled matted hair untangled.

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Tangled Hair

For a lady or gentleman, their hair is an integral part of their overall beauty. In fact, the style of the hair becomes a silent part of their overall personality statement.

But, in order to let your hair look stylish, you need to maintain it. From cleaning to washing and even nourishing; your hair care routine can be quite complex and time consuming. Nevertheless, it is mandatory especially when you have opted for styles that could involve tangled hair.

When you are dealing with tangled hair, you need to be extremely careful about the method that you adapt to get rid of it.

Don't shampoo before de-tangling

More often than not, people end up washing their hair to get rid of the matts and tangles. But, you need to understand that this is wrong because water tends to worsen the matts/tangles and can blow the situation out of control.

Try the dry de-tangling method with a product like the Take Down Remover/Detangler!

The easiest way to get rid of tangled hair is to pick a spot and start detangling. However, when you are working on your hair, make sure you do so in parts.

In simple terms, you have to de-tangle the hair in small volumes, picking one area at a time. Also, once you de-tangle a particular area, make sure that you braid it just to ensure that it is completely separated from matts and tangles.

We have already advised you to avoid shampooing your hair prior to detangling it. and we DO NOT recommend conditioner on very matted tangled hair.  We also do not use or mix oil and water as an option

The before and after of detangling is demonstrated in many of our videos. Also, please know that detangling can be an extremely painful experience in some cases.

Therefore, if your scalp is a little extra sensitive, it is expected. Even after the detangling, your hair needs nourishment. Always remember to gently massage your head with warm peppermint oil because it will help to soothe your scalp as well as

Lastly, detangling is a time consuming process and so you will have to be patient and prayerful before you get to enjoy the end results.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Matted Tangled Hair Confessions- 16 Hour Detangle Solutons

Don’t Despair!

You may not need to cut all of your hair off and start from scratch. We reach out to clients with the knowledge that you can be saved from losing all your hair!

Detangling hair does help as people fight off depression.


Please help! I went through depression for two months straight, I was bullied at school and people would tell me how worthless, ugly, and dumb I am. I lost the motivation to properly take care of myself and I stopped brushing my hair. I let their words get to me, now I go to online school but yeah I let myself go. During those two months I put my hair in a bun and now there is a HUGE mat in my hair. It is starting to spread throughout my whole hair and now that I've recovered from my depressed state I really want my hair back! My hair is long, thick and it……


I hope I am sending this to the correct email address. I could really use some help. Several months ago I fell into a severe depression after suffering a completely unexpected and random pregnancy complication at 8 months along that resulted in my daughter being stillborn. I stopped caring about everything, including personal hygiene/appearance. When I think about how bad it got, I feel so ashamed and humiliated.
I am currently trying to recover and get my life back together, even if only for my daughter; I know she is looking down on me and is with me every day. Unfortunately, my hair was neglected pretty badly. After 3 months of doing nothing to take care of my hair, except the occasional quick 5 second shampoo during the few rare times I could manage getting out of bed and take a shower,. Wy hair is severely matted.
My hair before was waist length and thick, which has made hiding my matted hair difficult. I have just been putting it up into something that resembles a bun. I am beyond embarrassed that this has happened and I am angry with myself for things getting so out of control.
Do you have any tips for detangling my hair myself? I can't afford to buy any hair products nor to pay someone to detangle my hair. The only thing I have to put in mY hair is unrefined coconut oil. Would putting coconut oil in my hair and letting it soak in help detangle my hair or would it make things worse?
Only a few very close family members and friends know the extent of the matting. They have tried to help and detangle my hair received last. I've gone to several salons to talk with experienced stylists and they have all said my hair is beyond saving and needs to be cut. I don't want to cut my long hair, but I'm starting to feel like that's the only option. I would just really appreciate any tips on how to detangle my matted hair by myself. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm sorry for how long it

Thank you for your quick response. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I will be calling the detangling trainers the first chance I get.
God bless you all for the work you do. After emailing you all last night, I watched some of your YouTube videos. I was amazed at the results. It gave me hope that my hair can be saved when everyone else has told me it can't. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for treating people with nothing but kindness. Many of the stylists I went to for consultations were so hurtful. They looked at me with disgust and were judgmental and condescending. It just made me feel worse about myself than I already do. 


Hello, I am writing in regard to my 15-year-old daughter who for the last 6 months has had her hair in a ponytail and has been hiding the fact that his become a tangled mass of one giant knot. I spent four hours trying to come it out this evening making very little progress.  I feel terrible that it has gotten this far out of control. I believe this all started because of depression but now I feel that the hair in and of itself has become a main cause of the depression. Actually had some conversations about maybe having to cut the hair off. I don't want to do that because I am concerned that it will adversely impact her already faltering self-esteem. Do you have anyone who can help us in the Orlando area? Thanks so much! God bless!                                                                                                                                                          
I was wondering could you help me. I'm 25 years old and I have extremely matted hair, so much do that I don't know what to do with it. It started slowly over a year ago due to personal circumstances, but has now escalated into a big problem. I am wondering do you have any services in Ireland which could help me? I seen an ad you had on Gumtree and have emailed that also. If you could let me know I would really app appreciate it.  Thank you.

 Hi  I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. For the past 6 months my hair has been a complete disaster. I had the bottom layer in dread locks and for a short while was unable to maintain my hair- causing matting of my regular hair. I stopped wearing it down, as it consumed almost ALL of my hair. After wearing my hair up for the past however many months and not being able to brush it, there are other dread locks forming as well as the fact that I have a HUGE chunk of hair about the size of a tangerine completely knotted up into a giant ball that is now matting the rest of my hair. I don't know what to do, can someone please help!? Or refer me somewhere someone could help!? I'd greatly appreciate it, and would rather not have to chop ALL of my hair off seeing as how I used to take such pride in my long hair (past my butt.)

ISOLATED & ANTISOCIAL……Tangled, balled-up, knotted glued in ball.

I used a ridiculous amount of Dove extra hold hairspray in my hair one day in September.I didn't brush or wash it out for a few days aftewards, which was a big mistake because now my hair is  balled-up, tangled, glued mess.This was 6 months ago and I haven't worked or left my apartment since.My hair used to be down my back, more than 20 inches, now its balled up above my neck.I've tried dishsoap, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, nothing will remove the extreme amount of hairspray.It's ruined my life, I can't be seen in public as I look ridiculous, I've gained 20 pounds, havent worked and become isolated and anti-social.Regardless, I can't bring mself to cut my hair, always had long hair, and the amount that would have to be cut would leave me with no length at all.At this I'll try anything.Please help me! Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am a person in desperate need of help both physically because of my extremely matted hair and mentally due to the depression and isolation I have been suffering through for the past 2 years. 3/4 of my long, naturally curly hair is and has been severly matted which has caused me to stay at home and away from people due to the embarrassment I feel daily regarding my hair condition. It has been so long ago that this occurred that I truly cannot remember what caused the tangled hair to occur but what i do know is that I got in the shower thinking that I would work out the mess with conditioner while in the hot water. That decision changed my life so drastically that I now am a prisoner in my own home. I have no life and have become so depressed that I have even contemplated ending my life because I just don't feel I can continue on this way. I have a very good dear friend that I stay with who is trying to help me with my hair but it is taking its tole on our relationship and more and more every day i sink into a deeper and deeper depression. I saw that you needed hair models for training purposes and I was hoping and praying that maybe you could use me in your teachings. I need the help so very badly and would be forever greatful if you could get my hair down again so that I an continue on with my life. I live in California in a town called Atascadero. I will be praying that you will call me and tell me you can help me with my bleak situation. I actually am begging you for your help. It has become a matter of life or death I am afraid. Please consider me as a hair model/teaching tool for your students. Please contact me. Please? God bless and i will be hopefully awaiting your response. Thank you for your time and consideration in reading my testimony.

My daughter somehow ended up with extremely matted hair, the worse I have ever seen. She has extremely long hair, almost to her waist, so the thought of having to cut it is terrifying to both of us. The matting is in the back center portion of her head all the way up to the scalp. Please help me!!


 I used to love my hair, it was my expression and a source of confidence. In 2014 I had a very hard point in my life and just let everything go. My hair has been matted for well over 6 months , one portion of it almost a year. It has matted into sections and I've tried everything. It weighs so heavy on my head that I get headaches. I just want my hair back, can you help?


 Hi! I noticed my hair was severely matted (almost like I had dreads) when I left in a senegalese twist style in for over 4 months. I am natural so this was a problem. Since then, I haven't been able to properly detangle my hair. I am extremely impatient so I get frustrated and cut my strands. I went from mid back length to shoulder length because of my impatience with my tangles, knots, and mattes. I have been going through a rough transition in my personal life lately and I feel that avoiding haircare has been a side effect of that. I don't want to face reality and doing my hair forces me to. I recently took out a crotchet style (1 month old) and I am still facing the same issue. I never quite detangled my hair from over a year ago, instead I either cut it or braid around it, so you can imagine the damage I have probably done to my hair. I am a working actor who hasn't booked a steady gig since I started about 3 years ago. My hair is a big part of what I do and I can't seem to get it together. I have had to steer clear from the corporate jobs because it doesn't allow for flexibility and as a result my finances have suffered. I can't afford to get my hair done so I have to do it myself at home. The first time I went natural, I became frustrated with tangles and overall maintenance and permed it. I did this 3 times before sticking with it. Since then I have cut my hair and suffered heat damage from a terrible stylist. I am at my wits end and if I don't find a solution, I will cut my hair. I am a believer in Christ and would like to believe that randomly running across your youtube videos was divinely appointed and not coincidental. If you can do ANYTHING for me that would be amazing. I live in Houston, TX. Thanks!

Are you all located in Atlanta Ga? Or is there anyone you can recommend in Atlanta. I am desperately in need of some help. I am getting married soon and my hair is unhealthy and I can't get a sew-in. I am extremely tempted to just cut it all off! HELP ME PLEASE!


I need some help please! And this message is coming from a guy!!! But I love my girlfriend too much to watch what is happening to her hair! She is so beautiful and this has never happened before and also has the most long and beautiful hair I have ever seen! Her hair is down to the bottom off her back normally and right now it is in a super super crazy pony tail like bun that is so think and knotted that it is the craziest thing we and her friends and especially her twin sister and family has ever seen!!!!!!! SO PLEASE HELP ME/HER PLEASE!!!!

·           PLEASE HELP ME
Hi I'm Ellie I'm from San Francisco, California. My parents divorced when I was 11 I'm 17 now my mom never new how to do my hair and my dad wasn't much help I'm half white and half black and my hair just so happens to come from the black side of my family I never learned to do it so about 2 years ago I stared putting my hair into a bun just so I wouldn't have to deal with it because I didn't know how for about a year my dad would pay to get my hair done I would get it straitened every 3-4 weeks but now my dad has stopped doing that so my hair is horrible its just one giant ball of matted knotted hair and when I take my hair tie out it stays in a bun and it hurts because its pulling on my scalp and its dirty and smells because I can hardly wash it no matter how much I try. Please please please please please help me I really don't want to cut my hair I've never cut my hair in my entire 17 years of living.