Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Detangle Video Kits Now Available For Purchase

We want to make sure that even if we do not have a Tangled Hair Tech in your city yet, we have made our specialty detangle videos available for purchase.

They are easy to understand, we encourage Hairdressers to learn from these videos.

 Each video kit comes with a detailed detangle video, super detangler product and detangle comb.  We have a wide variety of detangle videos for severely matted tangled hair  for you to choose from. 

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Please lets prevent hair loss and balding like this........................

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Friday, November 11, 2011

1 Year Matted Tangled Mess-Literally, a life-THREATENING hair crisis....VERY depressed‏

A warm friendly, but heartbroken "hello" from the United States...
Briefly, this is my situation that i've been attempting to deal with for a shocking looong humiliating, and v e r y SCARY year...

[honestly, i can't remember the last time i could actually let myself see my own reflection in a mirror...i avoid them at all costs...]
My waist length naturally curly and natural reddish blond/apricot colored hair has always been the ONLY part of my outward physical appearance i've ever really liked...ever since i was a young child people frequently made nice complimentary remarks about my hair...i would definitely "stick out" in a crowd since my hair has been a very unique color that i've NEVER seen on anyone else before...
definitely not auburn, not red, not blond, but kind of a bright apricot with light reddish/blond hairs...and very wavy...
i was so happy as a child that my mom never had to wrap rags around it for curls like all my girl cousins had to have done since my hair was already wavy and SO easy to take care of...while a bit on the dry side as most curly/wavy hair is, but i always took very good care of my hair so it's been real healthy...
Then about exactly one whole YEAR ago an illness/accident kept me hospitalized for nearly six weeks during which time nobody thought to comb/brush my hair...[i also had to remain flat on my back so perhaps the caretakers who bathed me everyday were afraid they might hurt me by fooling with my hair due to all the stitches, etc.]

As you can imagine i'm sure, this was a very VERY stressful time for me, and i worried non-stop as i had no health insurance and was quickly burning through my savings while i was unable to work. [i'm a fibre artist ] at any rate, after i was finally able to come home from the hospital, i was still pretty weak, and my hair had become quite matted...mostly in the back...and underneath and i tried for a few days to get it combed out to no avail..
then since i'd just noticed a small patch of gray around my right temple, i decided to get a box of hair dye [permanent] that i'd just recently seen that came so close to my own natural color...i figured it would also make my hair so soft from all the added conditioning that it would then be quite easy to comb through the mats/ of the most traumatic horrific decisions of my life that has caused me [please believe i'm not exaggerating or being overly dramatic, but the results have simply caused me unspeakable untold grief and loss...

After getting out of the shower that morning, my hair had instantly become one big GIANT dreadlock poking up and off the side of my head at a very odd and awkward angle...honest to God there wasn't one SINGLE strand of hair on my entire head that wasn't somehow inextricably wound...and wound T I G H T L Y around another was as if my hair had become "felted" nearly all the way to my scalp... to say i "paniced" doesn't even begin to express accurately what i was going thru...[aND STILL AM BUT MUCH WORSE A YEAR LATER]

here's the sad irony..."THE REAL h a r d KICK IN my BEHIND"...i had a date for later that night...and my VERY FIRST DATE in T H I R T E E N whole YEARS while i raised my son i'd adopted from an overseas orphanage...anyway, i'd just recently joined match dot com before my horrible accident, and had posted some really nice photographs i was a little proud of [i'm 57 years old and look much younger]my son had just taken for my online profile, and i was already getting lots of encouraging responses from seemingly very nice gentlemen...many of which specifically mentioned how it was the unusual color of my hair...or the length of it with all those waves is what initially caught their attention and got them to stop and read my profile...
can you begin to imagine my hysteria???
I rushed to the best salon in town where for several hours, 2 women who refused to apply any lubricating product [afraid of "blisters"] just aggressively poked and jabbed at my head with the sharpened metal point of a comb while alternately ripping out chunks of my hair literally by the roots while just breaking off other big pieces of hair sometimes within just 3 inches of my scalp [my hair was WAIST len gth]... i tried to remain calm [ knowing darn well i'd be losing much hair and more than likely was going to end up having to get many many inches [in length] cut off] while the pile of hair they were ripping out was growing at my feet larger and larger and larger...til i'd had enough of their "rough" unprofessional treatment and ever so slight insinuation that perhaps i 'd gotten a little lazy and just hadn't combed my hair in a long time causing the problem by "personal neglect"...i paId them [and an obscene amount] and cried hysterically all the way home, and literally trembled when i had to call my date, by then just 2 hr's from the time he was to pick me up, and CANCEL it...i was mortified...

One year later...i've tried every product on the market without luck...then i discovered your "take down" products which i just purchased. i also bought a "hebeutiful" hair steamer thinking it might help...any possibility I could be used as a model in one of your classes or commercials....i'm so far beyond DESPERATE, and would be your most grateful appreciative client ever!!! i'll also appreciate any comments you may have for me.....
many hugs,

I am a hairdresser in Tucson Arizona and I need some serious immediate help.  One of my clients came in today for a Ketatin Smoothing treatment, I clarified her hair in prep for the service and her hair matted!  Right before my eyes!  She's flipping out, I'm flipping on the inside but trying to be calm and professional for her sake.  We spent 4 hours and dropped the mat about 2 inches.  Forget the treatment. 

So, my question is, is there ANYONE in Tucson who has this product?  Anyone who will give me some, sell me some, loan me some, anything, anyone?  I'm desperate.  After looking online, I see that her mat is definately not the worst that's out there, but it is to her.  And so I'm willing to do what needs to be done.  Please help me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

7Days A Week, 365 Days A Year We Detangle Your Hair To Prevent Hair Loss & Damage!

The Director of the International Association of Trichologists, David Salinger, said persistent hair loss could result in irreversible baldness.
 *Contact us today to save your hair.  There is HOPE and  there is NO NEED TO CUT YOUR HAIR!
 *Contact us today to train and whether you are a  hairdresser or an individual who loves hair-we want to train and recruit you to join our team of hair detanglers. 

Here are some of the types of  letters we recieve:-

 Hi there,I'm desperately in need of detangling help with a massive rock-hard knot at the back of my scalp. I am too embarrassed to even go out in public with it. And the idea of cutting off all my hair leaves me in tears. I left a voicemail on your US line, but I wanted to try reaching you here too just in case you check your email more often. (Sorry to be a bother, but I am so desperate to get my hair under control as soon as possible, because I feel like I can't even continue living my life until I do!)
Can you please tell me a little bit more about how your services work? Are they available in Austin, TX? How much should I expect to pay (approximately)?
Thanks so much,

Here are some more before and after pictures of tangled matted hair detangling services
Join our team of detangle hairdressers, its a great opportunity to do rewarding work,  increase your income, and travel all over the world.

I took my sew-in hair extensions out. I had them in for 3 months. My braids are now matted. I've tried " Murray's Unlock Braid Spray", detangler and defrizzing oil they aren't helping. I've used hair pics and 2 different types of combs that break, (my hair, naturally is a little past my neck, very dry, course and curly) they also are ripping my hair and breaking it off. My neck and head are sore from trying to get them out.Are there any tips or anything you recommend to help? How much are your services? I'd really like to prevent ripping or cutting my hair. Attached are pictures. I cannot get the braids undone. 

Hello.  I've had problems with depression almost all my life. It progressed as I started high school. Before ninth grade, I regularly got my hair done at my local beauty parlor (mostly before school started). I'd get it washed and straightened.
I'm mixed race, so my hair is naturally very curly and hard to manage in the first place, but when it was straightened it was much easier to work with obviously. As a required class in my first year of high school, I had to take swimming. This pretty much destroyed my hair as I had to swim for pretty much half the school year. I was overcome by depression mostly because I started to rapidly gain weight and became very self-conscious. I got so sick of having to wash and deal with my hair that I basically started wearing it in a bun everyday and stopped combing it completely. As it worsened, even if I tried, I couldn't run a comb through it. It was impossible.
Frankly, my hair looked very unattractive, and I'm sure you could tell I wasn't doing anything with it. Everyday before school, I would just brush the top to make it look smoother, and off to school I went. I no longer had just my weight to worry about, but now I had to deal with this tangled mess on top of my head. As I became more and more depressed and self-conscious, my grades dropped, and I pretty much lost any type of motivation to do much of anything anymore. I also lost hope that I could ever do anything except cut this matted, tangled mess.
That's the last thing I want. I love my hair, and all I want to do is have it the way it used to be, straightened and shoulder length. I've tried washing it, putting loads of conditioner in it, combing it, trying different sprays but with no luck. Where I kept my ponytail holders is completely fused together. It's like a giant dread lock that takes up almost my entire head. And my bun........ Just ridiculous.
It's as hard as a rock, and every time I attempt to do anything with it, I just lose more and more hope. I'm really close to just cutting it all off and wearing a wig or weave or SOMETHING. I just want it to look normal again, but I want MY OWN hair. I've never had to wear weave before, and most girls envied my long, beautiful hair. Not anymore. I'm also a color guard (one of those flag twirlers at football games), and I think a different hairstyle other than a bun may be required when the football season starts in September. I'm starting 11th grade in less than a month, and all I wanna do is have the straight, soft hair that I used to. Please help me.
Is there any type of product that you could suggest that REALLY REALLY works? I've tried numerous conditioners to no avail. I've been doing some research and saw something called Take Down remover cream. It has really good reviews, but I'm not sure if it'll work for me. I'd prefer trying to detangle my hair myself too if you don't mind. I just wanna be able to comb out my hair so that I can go to the beauty shop to get my hair straightened again, but I know for a fact that as soon as they see this, they're going to tell me to go somewhere else. Sorry to write you a book here, but I'm begging for you help. I need advice quick!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep Me From Cutting In Kentucky,Terribly Tangled In Bulgaria, Miserably Matted in London, Kids Knots Need Removing In New York

Miserably Matted In London took three days to detangle, using the Take Down Remover Cream, and a comb with a metal pointed tip.  We had to pull strands of hair out little by little as we weakened the  birds nest of matted tangled hair

Terribly Tangled in Bulgaria

Hi, I need help for one terrible entanglement in my hair. Problem with my hair come from the curling iron  and the excessive amount of hairspray which I used. Once I did my hair with a curling iron I don’t  brush and wash my hair week and more to keep the waves. With the result that my hair becomes entangled very bad. Since I could not go it alone I asked my Mom to help me. She managed to cope with my hair except for one horrible nest , ball or sliver (I do not know how to call it) located on the left side of the head near the skin. This ball is very hard, dry and tight. I thought it I made this ball hair worse, because  I originally started to straighten it alone, but I didn't knew how must to untangle. And now I very afraid to cut it ,because in that nest there are many hair. I am very upsetI want to ask you what products and what should I do to sleave this awful tangle?I expect a response from you soon. Thanks in advance.

Keep Me From Cutting In Kentucky
Hello.. My name is K. ; I live in Southeastern Kentucky. I stumbled upon your website while searching for some assistance with my extremely knotted/matted hair. I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to tell you at this time or if I'm even contacting you at the right place, but I suppose I'll tell you my story. I had (have)long hair... Down to around the middle of my back the last time I saw it down, which was around a year ago. I had surgery which required my neck to be cut open, & as you might imagine, this made it very difficult to care for my own hair. To make it worse, the hospital staff forgot to put a cap on my hair & I woke up with blood caked in my hair. 



That was a whole other nightmare, but that was taken care of & wasn't an issue anymore. After that was all brushed out & clean, I still had to keep my hair up in a bun for a while because I just couldn't tolerate the pain of brushing my hair, as it tugged at my incision, & I just wasn't in any shape to care for my hair myself. After I was healed up, I fell into a depression & am ashamed to say that even when I could care for my own hair, I didn't. (I should tell you that I live alone, & this is why I didn't have help & why I was able to hide my depression as well as my growing issue with my hair.) 
I would keep it up without washing it for weeks, then knowing it was going to cause worse problems, I still attempted to wash it as well as I could with it still up. It all snowballed on me & before I knew it, it was a terrible mess & I was too ashamed to ask for help, as I'm a bit independent/stubborn as it is. I've recently told my older sister about the problem & she was going to help me, but I became concerned about finding that she couldn't get it brushed out once we already had a gallon of product in it, & then I'd really be in trouble. I'm able to go out to the store or whatever with my hair this way because from far off, it just looks like my hair is up, but up close.. I don't know how anyone couldn't see the matted mess.. & I'm so very ashamed.
Also, I've always experienced ponytail headaches, but this is at a level I had never felt before. My head is always so sore & I don't even know if my hair is growing anymore. I have this fear that I've done irreversible damage & it'll never grow normally again.. or that my only option is to shave my head. I've barely left my house in the past year & this has kept me from being able to work, go to school, or live at all. I don't know how much longer I can live like this. Not to sound suicidal.. It's nothing like that.. 
Even in the worst of my depression, that was never a thought, but I do feel like my life depends on getting this taken care of. Your organization is my last hope. I don't know how it works.. I've taken pictures of my hair, but I don't know if I'm supposed to attach them now or what. I apologize if I wasn't supposed to type out a novel for you all at this time, but once I found your website & an email address to contact you, I got so hopeful & excited that I couldn't help myself. If someone could get back to me as soon as possible, I can't even put into words how much that would be appreciated. 
Whether it's knowledge for getting this taken care of or someone coming to personally help me, I'm interested in whatever help you can give. This is a matter of getting my life back, so I'll do whatever necessary. Thank you so very much for your time.. & thank you for creating this website/organization. For the first time in a long time, I have hope that my beloved locks might be saved & that shaving my head won't be necessary. Thank you! 
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I very much appreciate it. I'm attaching the pictures I've taken.. Two of which are of my hair up like I have to wear it everyday, & the others are of my hair "down".. or as down as I can get it, I should say. I apologize if the pictures don't show the mess that is my hair well
                              Appreciatively, K 

Kids Knots Need Removing In New York

Hi there,
Attached are photos of Rachael's tangled hair mess.  Thank you so much for calling me today with the information on the Take Down product.  

You mentioned that I could do the detangling myself. I would love to be able to do this since I've been working on my daughter's hair for 2 months now to no avail.  All the progress I make gets ruined everytime she takes a bath. I don't want to ruin my daughter's hair my doing it myself and would love to learn how to do it properly.  Do you think it's possible for me to take on the job by myself? I have attached photos of her tangled matted mess. Her hair tangle started approx 2 months ago and has progressed to this point - now it's getting to be a really hard mass. I'm so upset over the situation and I just don't know what to do!

Thanks for listening! Please let me know if there is another way to get this product quickly and if  you think I should attempt the job on my own.