Friday, August 31, 2012

You are NOT your matted tangled knotted hair!...From Barcelona Spain to a Reservation in Brule South Dakota to an Australian Wedding Destination.

It may have happened to you or your child, but its NOT who you are.  Most people want quick fixes when they get into a predicament or a pill to fix a problem.  Most hairdressers just want to cut!

Healing takes time, patience and love.  In most cases hair can get severely matted tangled or knotted over time.  And sometimes it can happen overnight or after using your favorite shampoo or conditioner.  Regardless of the root of the hair mess…it can be solved.

There is no need for you to allow depression, despair, self-blame to overwhelm you; because it just makes matters worse.  As Jesus said “Nothing is Impossible With God”(Mark 10:27).  There are no amount of knots, tangles or matts that patience, prayer, love, skill and the Take Down Remover/Detangler cream can’t undo.  That is why our hair detangling services exist, to get you out of the bondage of blame, depression, sadness and free your hair.

Hello. I was browsing the internet and came across Tangled Hair Techs and it's pretty much a last resort for me. I have tried to get help from a couple local salons and they won't help just suggest ideas or to shave my head. I was depressed for awhile and going through a lot and just constantly pulled my hair back and with the humidity and other stuff that's caused damage to my hair it's turned into a horrible mess. I've tried remedies people have offered and it's just made things worse. I have very long and thick hair and haven't been able to get a job or haircut due to the way my hair is currently. I usually will try to brush and comb it out but I get frustrated because it seems to make it worse so I end up pulling it back cause I don't know what else to do. I really want to save my hair and get it restored. I feel horrible about myself and appearance because of how my hair looks and would appreciate any help. It makes it worse when people judge you about something when they don't know why or how it happened and the few places I've turned to for help have judged. I am located in Orlando, FL and was wondering if you know of any Tangled Hair Techs anywhere in Florida that could assist me? 

It's been way to long. My story is to long. Here's what Im facing; fusion keratin extensions 22-24 inches matted in some sort of bun on the top of my head. Is there an experienced  dreadlock remover in the seattle/tacoma area of Washington? I would be in tears if I had any left.


I have a small matted section in my hair. I was wearing my hair in it's natural state (kinky curly), I got sick and couldn't fix my hair for almost 2 weeks. For a few weeks now I've been struggling trying to do it myself. It was bigger, but it's slowly working. I grow tired of doing it and would love to find a salon (in rock hill, sc) that can help me get the small matted section straight and keep my hair..I'm very frustrated and sad, I don't wanna cut my hair.

 Long story short I had dreads on one side of my head that I did not maintain nor bothered to brush the hair around it for multiple reasons that have turned Into terrible matts and knotts that I'm at a lost of what to do with. I've read so much and heard of you guys. I live in Los Angeles do you work out here? It's beginning to make me feel depressed and hopeless and I really don't want to shave my head. Please help

hey my name is nancy i havent brushed my hair over a year i have curly nappy hair please help me. all of my hair is stuck together ive been wearing wigs because i cannot show my hair in so bad doesnt even look like my hair is long its discusting please help
thank you
 i am 27 years old and live in kearney, ne. i have been living with depression for over a year now, and the past month or two have been very trying. i of course stopped taking care of myself. in the past, i have always been able to get all the tangles out of my hair. not this time, and im devastated. i have been trying to get out the matte by myself, but with no success. i have long brown hair and the problem is only getting worse. i just spent the last few hours trying to loosen parts of it and i could only cry at the frustration. i have not told my husband about my hair as i always keep it up to conceal the problem. i just want to feel good again, but right now i feel less than a woman. i am very sad that i was too sad to take care of myself. i will do anything for a second chance. i really am mad at myself right now, but you gave me some hope that it is possible. will you please help me. please write me back. ill be looking for a response. thank you for listening and i hope to hear from you soon.

Hi there,
 I have had a problem with matted hair before. Last time I cut the matts out. My hair has since grown long again and now it's happened again since having my son 6 months ago, and suffering from depression and problems with my relationship with my fiance. I have matts all over my hair, and I cannot get them out myself. I've also had trichotillomania all my life, and I have bald patches on the crown of my head, and short regrowth as well. The problem is, we are supposed to be getting married this October (date set, invitations are out, and people have booked their flights to our Australian destination wedding). I don't know what to do with my hair for the wedding. I am writing to ask if by any remote chance, there is anyone you know of Alberta, Canada, or anywhere in Western Canada for that matter, who could detangle my hair? I am used to dealing with bald patches, but these matts are too much!

Thank you for listening,

What can I use to untangle the matted hair live in Lower Brule SD on a reservation. 

I desperately need your help! I wore my hair up in a bun-ponytail for abt 2 weeks straight. I did not wash my hair. Just rinsed it with water in the shower every day and put it back up into a bun. Over 3/4 of my hair is now in a massive and extremely hard knot. I have tried with a whole bottle of conditioner and pick for hours at a time. I have tried olive oil, Swarzkoff hair oil for detangling. It is not getting any better. All I have been able to accomplish is to get some strands like half out and all snarly still. Half of the strand is still stuck somewhere within the knot. 

I have to start going to interviews, etc!!! I am scared! I have been to a salon here in Barcelona and they said it was impossible. They said it all needed to be cut! NOW that is what is I said- that is all my hair!!!! 

My hair length is to my breast line. So it is kind of long. 
 I want to order your Take Down Remover. But I saw in one of the comments that you may be able to find a salon here in BCN where they specialize in this kind of catastrophe and use your products. PLEASE help me! I am feeling depressed and desperate! 

I can not do it on my own..... I need help....
I have 5 feet of what used to be beautiful blonde curly hair.
For some reason or another i have let it go to crap.
I just want some sort of hair do
Please help me...

I have severely matted hair due to braid take out, and I was just wondering if you all could help me find an alternative to cutting my hair. This is really stressing me out and I know you all are busy but I'd really appreciate it if you could get back to me.