Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suicidal with SEVERELY MATTED Best nest hair!!!

Suicidal with SEVERELY MATTED Best nest hair!!!
Sunday, December 26, 2010 9:40 AM
Seasons Greetings!
My name is Ann-Marie, Black British woman and I live in London, England.
6 weeks ago, I was 40 weeks post relaxer, with hair 3ins pass shoulder length and doing well....thank-you very much!
Then I decided to try a hair challenge from one of the hair forums I'm a member of. No combing, 100% bunning your hair.
I cowashed my plaited bunned hair over 3 days, moisturizing and sealing and not once undo the hair.
I then decided to do a deep hair treatment and undo my hair.... to my horror...BEST NEST HAIR!! I had to cut the hair hand band out.
The hair is matted close to the scalp!! I have managed to detangle some, but stop when the hair broke at the crown.
I'm sad, mad and desperate......H-E-L-PPPP!!!

This Is Why We Exist……………..

We do the work that most hairdressers won’t do. Hair is so important to all of us.
PLEASE Don’t ever give up on your life or your hair.
Just give hope one more day.\
Below are more letters and testimonies

Hi! How are you? I finally am back to feeling a bit like my usual self. The stress of what I have endured has taken a toll on me. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to meet, although under such terrible circumstances. I want to thank you, once again, for all your patience and knowledge with the situation we had on hand with Kristen's hair. I will never forget you and have been talking about you since we met. I wish you the best of luck with your business.
Keep in touch - drop me a line from time to time. If there is anything I can do as far as a testimonial, please let me know.
As promised I did take pictures of my daughters dreads last night, this morning I tried to download them to my computer and in the middle of the action my computer died. Needless to say I lost the pictures. I am very angry right now, I have been trying to retrieve them for the last hour, but there is nothing I can do to retrieve them. I will take more pictures tonight and send them to you over the weekend.
I did take a closer look at her dreads and the dreads themselves are not that tight, however she does have quite a bit of matting at the base of the neck. I would like to just get an appointment set up with you, if you could manage to find time, to take them down sometime the week of April 13-17 or even that weekend. She is really miserable and really wants them taken down. We will do whatever is easier, we can come to you or you can come to us. Also, I wanted to know if I should go ahead and order the dread takedown product.
I have come across your blog when I was desperately searching for some hair detanglers. I have blond, long hair, which requires a lot of grooming - i always use strong conditioners, once a week i sleep with a shower cap and I wear it braided so it doesn't get tangled. Oh and I use shampoo rarely.

Yesterday I went to the gym and felt sort of gross and decided to shampoo my hair. After I rinsed my hair it was a dry, matted, clumped knot.It was as if I put soft, silky sweater into wash and then tumble dried it - it becomes felted and that's what happened to my hair.

Today I went to a salon nearby, thinking that the professionals will have some super power treatment that would make my hair slimy and untangle easily. Well all they did is they put a hair conditioner in my hair, and started pulling at it with a small comb. The problem is that every time they finished a strand they would collect a handful of hair. I was hoping they would work on separating my hair not just tearing out whatever the comb came across. Finally I just left. They did about half my head.

Needless to say I look pretty silly and can't show up at work like this. Would you please help me out?
You can come to my house and I could even put on a movie so you don't get bored.
Thank you,
My name is Shannon, I am from Ohio. I have a 7 year old daughter, caucasion, with very severe matted hair, I have been able to get some of it out... however, she has these puffs I like to call it on the side of her hair with VERY matted hair, In deserpation I have cut some of the knots out but I dont want to to ruin her hair, I have tried EVERYTHING... I am getting very upset.. Crying non stop. Her hair got that way because she would only allow me to run the brush through her hair and it got extremely tangly then she wouldn't let me do it she would run around and yell. Is there any product u can recommend... And you said you travel how much would it cost to have you come to Ohio to help my daughter?


:=) I love my Daughter and I dont like to make her cry when im putting that stuff in her hair and combing it out.. I need a mircale from
GOD... and i think your products or you as a Tech could be that !

Hehe I don't think you need to come over here, it's kinda far away to go ;) My friend is gonna comb it out. But is the stuff like really effective, and how long do you think it would take to comb it back to normal? And how much of it will I need, and how much does it cost including shipping. And what does the kit include, and do I need all of it?

Thanks for the quick reply,

My name is Stefani and I spoke with the Hair Tech in Atlanta (whose name escapes me at this time) last week. I literally have tears in my eyes as I am writing this because I am just so upset and frustrated.

I have a 6 yr old daughter with long, beautiful curly hair. Last month she got sick and we missed our weekly wash/detangle session - combined with her laying on her back for an extended period, a huge tangle began to form. Nightly I would pick at it, but since she is school aged I could never sit and work for hours except on the weekends. Slowly the tangle began to grow and got physically hard and matted. I have tried every detangler I can find, and even ordered 3 bottles of takedown and tried to follow the example of the little girl with a similar matted ball on your website - to no avail. I have been able to loosen up a great portion but it seems that I cannot even find the scalp inside the mat, which is 2 inches above the nape of her neck and also a piece on the right side by her ear that is pretty hard - it feels like it is felted, like thick dreaded balls.

We have been through the detangling process almost everyday for a month, and I keep getting pieces loose, having to stop and having to go back to square 1 almost, never being able to break the ball up all the while - the ball seems to be consisted of big hard tangles.

I feel like the worst mother ever and I dont want to cut it out b/c it is so low that it would literally take her hair from being right above her butt when wet, to nape length. I dont even know how they would go about cutting the side other than shaving it.

With all that said, I need your help, desperately. I dont have the largest budget but I feel like I would doing by daughter a huge injustice if I didnt at least inquire about how the process works in seeking your help. Is there a ball park of how much it usually costs, is it an hourly rate or a minimum amount? I live in Ohio, but I will be in PA this weekend as my husband has a conference to attend and I and the kids are tagging along. It may sound silly since it is just hair, but this has really got me upset.

Thank you so much for even reading this email and any help you can offer or insight to how I can retain your services would be extremely appreciated.    S T
Thanks again for all the time you spent repairing my damaged hair, and for the beautiful care package delivered at 4 am!!!! We are so appreciative of all you guys did. Is there still the possibility that you would be able to send me some sort of hair piece(s) in a darker blonde or streaked color to play with and use each week for more volume? As I have tried to recreate the style that you guys gave me that night, I am having to spend lots of time without any of the curls holding, so I may try sleeping in foam curlers. I really think clip-in or tape-in extensions (I will cut them to 8 inch to match my length) for some extra volume would be a big help for me. It's an adjustment, and I am bummed that my hair is as thin as it is after years of trying to remedy it with extensions. Do you know anything about laser light therapy? I had treatments last year and saw about 30% increase in volume, but they are 1800 bucks for an 8 month treatment, 15 minutes weekly. I heard of a hair brush that uses the same laser light therapy for $700 that I may invest in, if you know that to be a good method for hair strength and growth.
Thank you for everything!
A, D and L S :-)
Good evening, hope to find you in great health. I am seeking your assistance. Currently i have a knot-tangled matted-birdnest thing in the dead center of my scalp. I am in agonizing pain causing cases of headaches. I was recommended by Lola stating you are amazing at managin such task. Is not my whole hair/head, i would say 25% is affected, probably less. Pls pls i beg you rescue me from this agonizing distress. I can be reached at ###-###-#### at anytime. I am flexible any day n time just pls help!
I currently reside in Bronx, NYC.
THANK YOU in advance for your time and patience. I look forward to hearing from you.

******The white cream on the hair in the pictures is the Take Down Remover Cream

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Analysis Of Removal For Sew-in Hair Weaves Or Sew-in Hair Extensions

If a client is wearing a sew-in hair weave, after cutting the thread that holds the hair extensions to the cornrow braids , soak the Take Down Remover Cream throughout the cornrow braids immediately.
Then gently unravel the cornrow braids at the hairline. This will give the new growth at the roots of the hair protection.
Another important factor for examining the hair, is that if the entire head of hair is weak, split and breaking, or if the hairline is weak or breaking, this area should not be pulled at all while removing extensions or braids.

This lady already has long thick natural hair. She enjoys wearing sew-in hair weaving to change her hairstyles with different looks without affecting her natural hair. HOWEVER in this case she made a grave mistake

Her sew-in weave was worn for 6 months, when she removed the hair extensions her long hair was very matted within the cornrows.
She unraveled the cornrow braids used shampoo and conditioner thinking it would soften her hair in order to detangle it. It made the knots/matted hair worse
Well this is what we call a MATTED MESS OR NEST

We had to use over 6 bottles of the Take Down Remover to begin to save her hair. We first soaked the matted hair, Then we had to begin to detangle sections of her hair - literally strand by strand. Then we would twist each combed out section

Fast Hair Loss with Fast Fingers

Many salons employ hair extension specialists who can braid, weave or dreadlock hair, to do all these hairstyles which have become an integral part of salon services. However the truth is that the salon hires these specialists to perform braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions on clients fast, accurately and with imagination and creativity; but many of their clients are losing hair.

Hairdressers are always taught to analyze the hair before applying hair extensions or braids. A head of hair must be healthy to take any additional weight, such as fusion extensions, or to stand up to the pulling and tension of braids. The strength of the hair around the hairline is particularly important.

So in line with this training, before removing a hairstyle, the hairdresser should analyze which type of take down removal method they want to apply to detangle and save their clients hair-while protecting all the new growth at the roots.

We were able to save  all her beautiful long hair.   The process took  over 10hours!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's wrong with Naomi Campbell's hair?

What's wrong with Naomi Campbell's hair?

New photographs of the supermodel suggest she is suffering hair loss because of traction alopecia

Hannah Pool @, Wednesday 30 June 2010 21.00 BST

Naomi Campbell shows some hair loss. Photograph:
Some might consider it karma, but it's hard not to feel at least a pang of sympathy for Naomi Campbell.
Speculation about the state of the model's hair underneath her extensions has gone on for years, and new photographs appear to confirm that she is suffering from a severe case of traction alopecia.

"Tight hair styles, ponytails, hard brushing and hair extensions can all lead to traction hair loss, which happens due to constant pulling on the hair follicles," says trichologist Philip Kingsley. Campbell's extensions habit is hardly surprising. In a world where long, blonde, straight hair is still seen as more beautiful than curly black Afro hair, many black women opt for extensions and weaves (where your own hair is braided and extensions are sewn in on top).
Ironically, this is often because they want to give their own hair a break from the trauma of straightening, but when extensions are poorly applied or worn for too long, they can be just as damaging.

"Extensions are OK but not on a full-time basis," says Joy Miller, co-founder of the Junior Green salon in Knightsbridge, which specialises in Afro and European hair. "Over time hair can only take so much, especially along the hairline."

Rather than covering it up, Campbell should take her extensions out immediately, and visit a trichologist for scalp treatment. "But because of her job it'll be hard for her to do that," says Miller. "Even if she started wearing wigs, the pressure on the hairline might be too much."
Ladies this can happen to anyone. That's why proper and safe Removal of hair extensions is just as important as application. Always remember to use the TAKE DOWN Remover System