Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Daughter Solid Hair Ball

Thank you. Here are the before and after photos of my daughters hair which became severely matted when she was confined in a spica cast for a femur fracture (break in the upper leg bone). She was in too much pain to move the first few days so I could not comb the back of her hair. In a just that short time a large amount of hair had formed into a solid ball that I could not even begin to get a comb into.

An internet search lead me to you.

I had limited success at first then it seemed no further progress was possible and she was going to lose most of the hair on the back of her head. I called the tangled hair hot line at that point gave me a few more things to try and, most importantly, convinced me that I really could get the tangle out. It took a few more days, but I made so much progress on the first day after that call, I could see it was definitely possible and my daughter is back to having a beautiful head of hair.
3 before and after photos attached here.