Sunday, July 12, 2009

Detangling Tangled Matted Children/Kids Hair

One of the worst things mothers dread to experience is a childs hair tangled or matted beyond belief. All mothers feel the pain their child feels when having to sit through hours of detangling.

However, once it's over-the child forgives and forgets about the grueling hours and pain when they look in the mirror and can play with their hair again. Just like a mother who looks at her new born infant after hours of painful childbirth....the experience was worth it !!

This precious 5year old girl with beautiful long hair had been wearing a matted clump of hair for 4 months that kept getting worse. Her mother was so scared and terrified. She did not want to CUT her daughters hair despite the advice to do so by uninformed hairdressers, friends and family. She was so desperate-she would not give up looking for help.

She made one call to us and her daughter is smiling and wearing ponytails again.