Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colorado Springs Hair Mess…. Salons & Hairdressers Don’t Really Want To Detangle Hair

It’s a shame and disgrace for us as hairdressers to hear how many of the women who contact us to detangle their severely matted tangled hair, go to their favorite salons or other hairstylists for assistance and the first response or only response they get is  Have You Considered A NEW HAIR CUT!!

We are working hard to train and hire more people who will want to save your hair. This is the website link to buy the super detangler product we use-http://www.freewebstore.org/How-To-Detangle-Hair-Videos/Hair_Products/cat1080367_1018887.aspx

Hi, I live in Colorado Springs and my hair has become matted in the back of my head.  I wear a head scarf most of the time to cover it up but I can't go around like this all the time.

I had it happen once before, and a salon was able to comb it out, but the whole time the woman was demeaning and nasty to me, kept demanding, "What did you do to make it like this?"  and treated me like I was scum.  Very judgmental. 

I was determined not to let it happen again but it did.  I think it's from keeping it in a ponytail, plus the dry air, sleeping on cotton pillowcases causing static, etc.  I haven't had this happen this bad until I moved out here from a more humid part of the country.

Anyway, it's matted again in the back and I can't get it out by myself, period.  I don't have any family or close friends here who can help me.  I got up the courage to go to another salon where there were a half dozen ladies sitting around with nothing to do in the afternoon, but when they saw me they said "Oh we won't do that, we'll just shave your head."  And then they laughed at me when I put my scarf back on and left.  

I wish these beauty schools would teach their students not to be such judgmental witches.

Do you know of anyone in the Colorado Springs area who can help me get this out?  I would like to try to find a different job, in an office (I work in a factory now) where I can't have hair like this.  I think I was a little depressed when I got the hair tangles and now it's worse, I feel like I'm in hiding.  When I got the hair untangled before, I felt so free. I want to feel like that again. 

I put an ad on Craigslist asking for help but no one has responded.  Could you help me?

Dear Sir/Madam

i found your email address and phone number on internet (youtube). I would like to ask you , if you could help me.
I found myself in very difficult situation. My baby boy was born before Christmas, he has a several health problems and was diagnosed to have genetic condition. A two weeks ago, he undergo heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He spent a most of his life in the hospital. And I was by his side all the time. I suffered with stress and I stopped looking after myself as I haven't got time and thoughts for this.
I was so worried about my little one as he had heart failure and was rushed to the hospital.
I have long hair (nearly till waist), and now my hair are one big mess, one big tangle. I went to see hairdresser, but she said that it looks like they would have to cut my hair short. I was looking through internet, but youtube videos i saw, nobody had so horrible hair as i have now. Then I saw yours one and it was more like my hair.

Please please, i don't know what  to do. Please, could you help me? I live near Edgware Great London. I had never have a short hair. Please help me.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards.
 I have a small matted section in my hair. I was wearing my hair in it's natural state (kinky curly), I got sick and couldn't fix my hair for almost 2 weeks. For a few weeks now I've been struggling trying to do it myself. It was bigger, but it's slowly working. I grow tired of doing it and would love to find a salon (in rock hill, sc) that can help me get the small matted section straight and keep my hair..I'm very frustrated and sad, I don't wanna cut my hair.


I am just wondering if you have any detangling techs in or near Omaha, Ne? My daughter's hair has become one big dread lock. Help!!!!!

Long story short I had dreads on one side of my head that I did not maintain nor bothered to brush the hair around it for multiple reasons that have turned Into terrible matts and knotts that I'm at a lost of what to do with. I've read so much and heard of you guys. I live in Los Angeles do you work out here? It's beginning to make me feel depressed and hopeless and I really don't want to shave my head. Please help!!!!!

I have severely matted hair due to braid take out, and I was just wondering if you all could help me find an alternative to cutting my hair. This is really stressing me out and I know you all are busy but I'd really appreciate it if you could get back to me.

hey i haven't brushed my hair over a year i have curly nappy hair please help me. all of my hair is stuck together ive been wearing wigs because i cannot show my hair in so bad doesn't even look like my hair is long its disgusting please help
thank you

I can not do it on my own..... I need help....
I have 5 feet of what used to be beautiful blonde curly hair.
For some reason or another i have let it go to crap.
I just want some sort of hair do
Please help me...