Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Daughter Solid Hair Ball

Thank you. Here are the before and after photos of my daughters hair which became severely matted when she was confined in a spica cast for a femur fracture (break in the upper leg bone). She was in too much pain to move the first few days so I could not comb the back of her hair. In a just that short time a large amount of hair had formed into a solid ball that I could not even begin to get a comb into.

An internet search lead me to you.

I had limited success at first then it seemed no further progress was possible and she was going to lose most of the hair on the back of her head. I called the tangled hair hot line at that point gave me a few more things to try and, most importantly, convinced me that I really could get the tangle out. It took a few more days, but I made so much progress on the first day after that call, I could see it was definitely possible and my daughter is back to having a beautiful head of hair.
3 before and after photos attached here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Detangling Tangled Matted Children/Kids Hair

One of the worst things mothers dread to experience is a childs hair tangled or matted beyond belief. All mothers feel the pain their child feels when having to sit through hours of detangling.

However, once it's over-the child forgives and forgets about the grueling hours and pain when they look in the mirror and can play with their hair again. Just like a mother who looks at her new born infant after hours of painful childbirth....the experience was worth it !!

This precious 5year old girl with beautiful long hair had been wearing a matted clump of hair for 4 months that kept getting worse. Her mother was so scared and terrified. She did not want to CUT her daughters hair despite the advice to do so by uninformed hairdressers, friends and family. She was so desperate-she would not give up looking for help.

She made one call to us and her daughter is smiling and wearing ponytails again.

Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Years of Large Clumped Matted Hair

1st & 2nd pictures are of matted hair in a net, 3rd picture is of hair saturated with the Take Down Remover on the hair, and 4th picture is the final After picture of her beautiful hair restored.

Most women do not take tangled or matted hair seriously until it is too late.
When the hair is not maintained properly and tangles are not combed through immediately....the result is disheartening.

If your hair begins to tangle and matt in certain areas, one has to detangle through the matted hair. If not the matted clump will begin to spread across your hair. It will grow into a harder clump that may seem inpenetratable.

Above are pictures of a woman that allowed her matted hair to get worse over a period of 7 years. Some women just don't know what to do and are scared because most hairdressers just want to CUT their hair off. Before you know it you are concealing knots in your hair for days- which become weeks and weeks become years.
This de-tangling and hair restoration process was done over a 30day period, with special care by Tangled Hair Tech- Jeanene Barrett.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Human Hair Wigs & Hair Pieces Can Be Salvaged Too!!

Got A Tangled Human Hair Wig That You Love ?

We service clients who have to wigs or custom fitted wigs due to lupus, alopecia or who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Send us your matted wigs and we can salvage them like new. We used the Take Down Remover Cream on this tangle wig- Check out the pictures below of a recent client who sent us a wig in a birds nest matted ball. Looks scary!!!

After 1 day of soaking the wig in the Take Down Remover and wrapping it to seal in moisture
and to allow the Take Down cream to penetrate faster and deeper. It took 6 hours to comb through all the matted hair and tangles. We worked from the outside of the matted areas first by pulling small strands of hair out little by little. Very Tedious work, however we could not have done it without the Take Down Remover.
Call us today, our Tangled Hair Techs will travel to you domestically and internationally:206-600-3036
Here are the After pictures- The wig looks great.

Friday, March 6, 2009

TAKE DOWN Testimonial Letter- Tangled Hair Techs

After using the Take Down Remover Kristen's beautiful hair was detangled safely, saved and restored. Cutting is not an option!
Call today: 206-600-3036

TAKE DOWN Testimonial- Tangled Hair Tech-

Hi! How are you? I finally am back to feeling a bit like my usual self. The stress of what I have endured has taken a toll on me. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to meet, although under such terrible circumstances. I want to thank you, once again, for all your patience and knowledge with the situation we had on hand with Kristen's hair. I will never forget you and have been talking about you since we met. I wish you the best of luck with your business. Keep in touch - drop me a line from time to time. If there is anything I can do as far as a testimonial, please let me know.