Friday, April 22, 2022

Lawyer Representatives For Matted Tangled Knots In Hair

In the Court of Matted Tangled hair, where the case of cutting and shaving off very badly matted tangled hair is deliberated. 

We fight to keep you from cutting and shaving your severely matted tangled hair.

Do not lose hope!

We want to help you win your case against the people who say it is hopeless, useless and a  waste of time to save your long beautiful hair with detangling. 
1 Corinthians 11:15.

Detangling hair is a gift that anyone with patience, faith and perseverance can learn to do!

They say its a "SCAM....... no one could ever detangle that tangled matted mess on your head."  

Well we know that hair does not grow overnight- so if you are going to believe that professional hair detangler services are a scam.  

Is there a product that can make hair grow in 3 days?

There is no language barrier with matted tangled hair.  Matted hair has its own language-everyone understands it.

If you are going to spend time, energy and money on wigs and hair extensions-why not spend time , energy and money on sitting down and patiently detangling your hair.

There is no easy way to get out of matted tangled knots in hair.  However,  there is a salvageable solution for your hair.

Detangling hair pulls you out of darkness of depression from matted tangled hair.  

Luke 1:37

One call is all you need to do.......... before you decide to cut or shave your hair off your severely matted tangled knotty dreadlocked hair.


Call Now!   1-877-792-MATS (6287).

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Who Keeps Telling You To Cut Off All Your Tangled Matted Knotty Dreadlocks In Your Hair?

Who are these experienced or inexperienced people that are advising or demanding that you cut off all your hair.  

Are they advising you to shave your hair off because it will easier for you or them?

Does your hair look like this?  

Where would you cut or shave off the matted dreadlock knot?  At the roots or ends. 

It is so very sad that people are advising people with matted tangled hair to just cut or shave off their hair-simply because it is severely matted or tangled.

We respect your desire to save your tangled knotty matted hair.

With God there is always a solution to every problem.  We just have to seek guidance to get the answers.  In the Bible, Daniel received wisdom to solve all sorts of knotty problems.

Matted hair, knotted hair, tangled hair does not care what your hair texture or type is.  Whether  your hair is fine or wavy, coarse or curly, straight or 4c, thin or thick, 2a or mixed. 

We take authority over matted tangled knotty hair with persistence, patience and prayer.  Our hands can help because the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Be Healed, Be Detangled.  Call Us Today…Now!

Matted  tangled hair has its own mind.  It takes over your hair without your PERMISSION.

So when people want to tell you to shave off or cut all your hair that has been invaded with matts, tangles, knots or dreads.  Take permission from receiving their advice!

Looking at your hair, sitting, waiting and talking about your hair does not solve the issue of detangling.  People’s opinions about your hair does not  solve the issues as well.  Neither will depression make matted tangled hair go away!

Look at how matted the hair is.  It’s colored hair that is very dry and brittle.  The reason why we use the TakeDown Remover Detangler cream is because it works on all hair textures and types to soften while detangling.


Psalm 95:7-    For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. Today, if you hear his voice.

In this video, where would you cut her long matted hair?

Matthew 10: 7-   And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’