Monday, June 30, 2014

Hospital "Bed Head" Hair Remedies & Restoration

hospital "bed head" hair requires extreme detangling
A bed head is defined as (noun informal) a casual hairstyle resulting from failure to comb or arrange the hair after sleep.

Matted Because of Mold in Montreal
I hope you are well. I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and have long curly hair that is tangled and really BADLY matted at the scalp, which is unfortunately really PULLING AND HURTING my scalp. I was not able to care for my curly hair properly given that my bathroom ceiling/roof fell in early February and now my entire home is contaminated with mold toxicity, which is not helping to keep my hair manageable or tangle free. Please let me know if anything can be done to help my hair. I am sending you pictures of my badly matted and tangled hair, as well as what it used to look like before in its natural curly hair state and when I used to straighten it sometimes. I really would like to keep my hair without cutting it or shaving it off, as hairdressers in Montreal seem to find no other alternative. 

Matted Mass of evil

Someone please tell me if there's anything I can do. I had a baby a year ago, and lost his twin brother in utero. Since the birth iv been depressed, more so than I used to be,  and it just got worse over the past year. My husband did everything he could to help, he took care of our son,took care of me. Iv been inside since October. And neglecting my hair.It is now march. I've went out a few times but wen I do my hair just goes up into a bun to hide my problem in the back. My hair is to my shoulder blades and I'm so depressed I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want to lose all my hair! It has been long since I was 13. Iv only trimmed my hair a few times in my life and I just can't stand to lose it!!! Please!! Please!! I'm begging someone out there to tell me if there is any possibility for me to fix this with the added problem of having no money on top of everything!!! Please please!! Is there anything I can do without buying products I can't even afford the cheap stuff just tell me if there's something I can do at home. Please. My sister has come and tried to help but she just couldn't get much done. My hair is nAturally brunette with some coloring damage and now the entire back of my head from the back of my left ear to the back of my right, is a tangled TIGHT knotted, matted, mess of evil and I need help so so bad. I pray for an answer to my situation I can't stand it anymore!!!  I know it's my own fault, but I will do whatever I can to fix it. Please respond. Thankyou for your time!!!!!

 Matted Due To Illness In London

Hi there,
I live in London, and about 6 months ago I got
whooping cough and had it for 3 months, and over that period
I really neglected my hair because I was so ill. It became
incredibly matted all over my head. Recently I managed to

brush out the left side by cutting up and through the matts
and then brushing, but I lost a fair bit of length. I'm
now left with a rock hard matted ball on my right side, and
I just cannot brush it out. Can you offer any advice/help?
Thanks a lot, Amy

Dear Tangled Techs,

I have severe RA which put me in a wheelchair for over 3 years.  After have both knees and hips replaced, I can now walk somewhat.  I had gained a lot of weight while being in the chair, so I opted for bariatric surgery to help my joints.
Unfortunately,  the RA has now jumped to my shoulders making it very difficult to brush my hair and my hair has become very fine since the since the surgery.  It is now a tight matted mess!  I've tried some detanglers and conditioners, nothing really worked.  What little bit I've managed to pick out, sleeping on it works it back in again!
I fear that my once signature "Gibson Bun" will have to be shaved off and my long time collection of vintage hair accessories should just be thrown out!

What do I do?!

Matted While Sunbathing

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! I put Betadine & Glycerin in my hair while sunbathing. (I have done this before but, not while in the sun). I scrunched it up on top of my head. In a panic I made matters worse by putting a hat on my head. I have one massive long ball like a mo hock on top of my head fused together like cement. My hair literally looks like it melted together although I can't imagine those two products melting it. I have tried for days to get it out, using peanut butter, coconut oil and olive oil. At this point I just want to disappear.

Take Down Remover is my final hope before cutting off my precious locks at the scalp.  I can't let people see me like this. Do you think it is possible that this might work? I took off work two days because I work in a busy office and really can't go in with a baseball cap without a good excuse.

Thank You,

Hair Combed, Tore, Now is no More!

Thanks for contacting me but it's too late, my hair is no more.  I was hoping that my niece who is a hairdresser would get me out of trouble, she kept tugging at my hair, it all ripped out.  It's horrible.  I feel really upset about the whole thing.  I was mentioning this product to her and she just didn't want to know too much.  I was hoping that my hair she could save but this didn't occur.  She didn't cut it ,it was just combed hard until it tore. My head really hurts as it was painful also. I wish I had received your reply much earlier before she started.  It was like a birdsnest in a bit tangle that's how best I can describe it and in a big clump.  I didn't photograph it was too upsetting.  I would have purchased the product had I known it was available to purchase and would have waiting until it arrived if I had received a response earlier but the time difference between countries is different so that's why it's hard to get a reply quickly.  The worst thing I did was to wash it yesterday which tightened the hair and matted it even more.  She came over at 5 pm my time and it is now 11.25 pm at night here.  It took almost two hours for all this and at the end I was really upset and still am.  

She used olive oil to try and untangle it but that really didn't work just caused a lot of hair being torn/ripped, well broken.  I am really upset about it.  It took me years to grow my hair as it is really fine and it doesn't grow fast.

I just hope it all grows back but my hair doesn't grow fast at all as indicated.

Can you let me know what the cost of the product is just in case I need it as my hair does tangle easily because of it being so fine and how do you order the product and is it just one item or many?


Matted Mother’s Mistake in Canada

Hi my name is Kate and I live in Toronto Ontario Canada. I've been very sick for the past few months now and because of being so ill, my hair got neglected and I made the biggest mistake by washing my hair which has created a large, hard matted mess :( its embarrassing and I hate having to wear something on my head all the time. My health isn't looking so good but I dont want to look how i feel, i would like to at least feel somewhat normal and how I looked before. My hair is long but its all stuck to my head so it looks short and disgusting. My 6 year old daughter says she wants her mommy back and to be able to play with my hair again and to look how I used to. She's scared of losing me and her seeing me look this way, just reminds her I'm sick. Summer is coming and I want to look and feel pretty and feminine before then...
Pleeeeease help me!!
Love Kate/bird nest

Matted Before My Wedding in India

Hi. This is neha. I really need your help asap. I used vatika cactus hair oil on my hair for the first time, a friend told me to try it for hairfall. I used it a week ago, i applied it nlater after 2 hours i washed my hair with normal tap water which was kind of cold, now the oil doesnt wash of my hair. Im so tensed. I washing my hair on daily basis. Tried 3 different shampoos. But it is becoming more n more greasy. Please help me. Im so worried because its my wedding on next friday. Please help me. Waiting for reply