Friday, May 3, 2013

WATER Makes Matted Tangled Hair WORSE!

You are actually causing more harm to your very tangled matted hair when you use water, or even hair conditioners.
“We receive an endless number of service calls to detangle hair from  women and hairdressers alike who have made knots or clumps of tangled matted hair worse, tighter, harder and stickier from using an assortment of water based detangle sprays or conditioners.”

Hi my name is Ginger & I'm a 34 year old mother and wife. I have been living with a mental illness that keeps me so far down I go weeks without getting up out of bed. I was always a girl that loved styling my hair & now my hair is so matted that I have bad headaches, bumps from where the hair is getting tighter in this huge hard knot. My hair is matted to the scalp with only the thinest pieace of hair that hasn't broken yet hangs. I'm about to shave it cuz I tryed everything & this is causing me to feel so bad about myself that at times I want to die. I know that sounds extremely bad to say but its unbearable, so if you can help me with this issue it would mean the world to me.
 Thanks very much, Ginger
 Tangled life
my name is tanya I live in Tampa, fl. and I suffer from severe Depression! My hair is long and curly. .and I have not had the strength to do anything with it! About a month ago I lost my job and my home I have 3 teenage daughters, they all tried helping me, but I think we made it worst! I suffer from low self esteem as it is to go and shave my head! Can u Help me Please? Do u have a salon in Florida! I dont have time to wait a week because of the Easter holiday coming up on which I can not let my girls down!

I hope this is the correct email for Tangled hair techs. I'm in complete crisis mode... I am Caucasian that just took her tape in extensions and now my hair is RUINED. I mean before my hair was super thick and all I wanted was length. Now I have bald spots and matted hair to the scalp in the back. I have tried baby oil, olive oil, all the glue bonds that are supposed to take glue out and NOTHING is working. I live in Portland OR. Do you guys have anyone in Oregon or Washington? I'm so desperate PLEASE respond!

My name is Erin, most of my hair is matted. I was too depressed to care for it and now I'll probably have to shave it off. Please help me! I'm desperate. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Is there anything that can be done?

My hair is severely matted/tangled and has been for months! I really do not want to cut it off. I live in the uk. What products can you suggest ive spent hours with conditioners and olive oil but it hasnt worked. Do you have a salon in England?

Thank you for your response.  I ordered a bottle of take down remover and will advise when it arrives. Unfortunately I did start cutting my hair, not much, I felt I couldn't do anything else. Its matted into a bun and I can't even get to the ends to comb through. I have been so depressed about my hair which reached my lower back close to all my life. I don't know how I could let it get so bad. I know trying to fix it has made it  a lot worse.

" I thought if I washed my hair it would simply untangle the kinks and knots."  This is the first thought that comes to mind for most people in this predicament.  The most common mistake made when women remove weaves, braids, hair extensions, twists, dreadlock extensions or protective hair styles- is to shampoo immediately.  This creates knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair.  

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