Thursday, March 21, 2013

Salon Rejected Grandmother, Desperate Husband with Depressed Wife, 7 Year Old with “Birds Nest”. 7 Characteristics of Heartless Hairdressers.

Hello,I am in tears trying to find someone to detangle my daughters hair...........
We were all sick with the flu and I also have rheumatoid arthritis so I was no able to take care of her hair for weeks and left it in a big ponytail on top of her head.
My daughter is almost 7 with a LOT of spiral/curly hair ( we are black), and now she has a big “birdsnest” in the back which is solidly knotted and her hair is matted on the sides. 
PLEASE HELP.  I live in the Philadelphia area.  Thank you,Yvette

Hi there,
My Grandmother has a severe situation of tangled hair.  It is long, down to her bra strap and has not been combed for at least a year or more.
I worked on it for an hour this weekend and was able to get a lot untangled, but she needs the rest of her head done.
She is 87 and poor thing, every salon has refused to do her hair.
Do you have anyone in Federal Way or close that could go to her, or that we could take her to?

Please help!! :)

Hello, My name is andrew and My wife,  has really matted and tangled hair. Its really bad and she's been depressed for over a year because of this.We've tried everything and nothing. Please ive looked everywhere and she doesn't want to shave her head. People just criticize and look down. My wife doesn't even go out and i finally want to take her out for our anniversary but i know she wont go out if her hair is still matted. I live in california and was wondering if there is anywhere where i can take her in california?? Somewhere where they are sensitive and welcoming? Thank you for any help.

This is the heartless voice of many salons today!

We need your support to train more tangle techs in your city.  But Remember........................

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