Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Horrible Hairdressers Or Sad Salon Experiences, Is There Really A Difference?

Has your hairdresser or salon rejected you because your hair looks like this?

Earnestly or Anxiously ready to cut your hair because your hair looks like this?

Judged you because your hair is severely matted, tangled, knotted in a ball, matted in a clump, birds nest, or dreadlocked like this?

Well if they have- then be aware that simply cutting tangled, knotted or matted hair leads to depression.  Matted hair can also be  a manifestation of deep depression.

Even though an awful experience can trigger a depressive illness. When hair becomes seriously tangled or matted, most people become so scared.  They don’t want to cut their hair.

Some people go into denial by allowing their hair to stay this way.  They are so ashamed to go out in public or to even to their salon.  Inevitably their hair gets worse.

Although depression can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genes, personal experiences, environmental influences or psychological factors. Hair is a major attribute of every persons identity and when the hair becomes matted or severely tangled for long periods of time it affects the self esteem.  This is also compounded with the opinions and judgmental views of others.

Some hair extension, braid or dreadlock methods can last in the hair for 3 months, and up to 1 year. When these hairstyles are removed with homemade remedies it also causes serious damage, hair loss, and in some cases severely tangled or matted hair. 

Hair loss can cause depression as well, but very matted hair tends to lead to depression faster.  Its the shame,self blame and loss of self esteem causes most women to begin concealing knots or clumps of matted hair-this is what leads to deep depression and frustration. 

In society today self esteem seems to be generally lower than it should be and it is often accompanied by poor body image.  Research suggests that self-image and appearance are very much interchangeable.

While depression is highly treatable, medical research reveals that the sooner a person is treated the more effective that treatment will be. Studies have also shown that immediate treatment reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

Matted tangled hair must be detangled immediately, it can lead to changes in thinking or mood.  We are able to take down tangled matted knotted hair through and with the tangible touch of GOD.

13 year old with matted hair

The  back of my head has become matted due to putting in dreadlocks the wrong way (sectioning them horribly) It has been left uncombed for 3 months now and it is very curly. I live around Chicago and I wanted to know if you had any places around there. I have tried olive oil and lots of conditioner and none are good enough to get out the back of my head and when my mom took me to a salon all they told me was "put olive oil in or shave it off". Please respond - I really don't want to have to shave my head or chop a whole lot of it off.

in need of help.

after having a baby i didnt have time to take care of my butt length hair. i would just wash it and put it back up into a pony tail. in  june i noticed a matt in the back of my head near the base of my head. so since june ive been having several people work at it and it just seems to make the knots worse. i was wondering if there is anyone in pittsburgh pa that could help?!? i am prepared to shave my head it need be. i already bought myself a wig and everything i just came across your webiste today and figured id give this a try! 
thanks, sophi.

Matted hair after permanent colour in UK

Can you please help??? I am a salon manager in a training college and today  we had a client come in for a permanent root tint, she had a mixture of African Caribbean/ Asian hair, she had a baby 10 weeks ago and is breast feeding. She had a wella koleston permanent tint on her roots and it was shampooed with wella colour shampoo and conditioner.
When the student took her to the section it had matted into a huge box type birds nest clump!! We spent four hours using extra virgin olive oil trying to detangle it!! The client eventually became extremely head sore and wanted to go home we put it in a net and she is coming back on Monday to try again, she has long hair and the clump is in the middle she does not want it cut, can you please tell me what to do next? Very desperate for help ASAP

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