Monday, April 2, 2012

Canada Calling........Depressed.....Can We Detangle? We Work To Heal Your Hair & Heart

Hi, im 20 years old and i live in canada. I thought i'd try emailing you in case you check this more often..i have been desperately calling your phone numbers for days with no answer :( at first i got an answering machine but now i dont so i dont know.. I dont know what else to do now. 

All my hair is basicly all matted into one big mass in the back of my head and its been that way for a little over 2 months now..i live with my boyfriend and i am so depressed and feel so bad about myself.i am crying everyday now i cant even look in the mirror and i dont go anywhere except when i have to like to buy groceries but i wear a hooded sweatshirt even when its sunny and hot boyfriend tries to make me feel better and acts like hes not bothered by it.he says maybe i should get a haircut and thatll help..but its past that point and honestly i dont know how it even got this way..i think im losing my hair and the texture has changed..its such a mess and i just feel hopeless.

My scalp hurts and everyday i just feel like chopping it all off but i cant..if getting my hair cut into like a bob would help believe me i would..but its matted so close to my scalp id have to shave my head or get a boys haircut and i dont want to :( i feel like im losing my feminity and i just want to feel pretty.i cant even look in the mirror without feeling overwhelmed and like im gonna have a panic attack.

 Anyways i am messaging you from a cell phone since i dont own a computer but i do have an email and please please email me. It would mean so much to me because i have noone else to turn to and im so depressed and going through such a hard time i did leave a voicemail asking if you were located in canada but if you arent i have considered taking a bus to somewhere in the us..but i just need some help and advice..please help me. I will try to attach some photos.

 Please respond as soon as you can i not only feel sad and depressed but my hair is causing me pain and discomfort :( i cant cut all of it off though ..i already feel embarressed and self concious around my boyfriend cause im a mess..i dont want him to see me with no hair though looking like a boy..i feel so ugly.i cant handle this on my own trust me i tried..picking single hairs out and trying to pick my hair apart and comb it but its brittle and i dont know where to has even made me think about just giving up on life..and im pushing my boyfriend away.

We arent intimate anymore. I dont let him touch me.he tries to play with my hair n he cant..i break down..i know this sounds shallow i wouldnt kill myself but i dont want to get out of bed and live anymore

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