Monday, March 23, 2009

Human Hair Wigs & Hair Pieces Can Be Salvaged Too!!

Got A Tangled Human Hair Wig That You Love ?

We service clients who have to wigs or custom fitted wigs due to lupus, alopecia or who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Send us your matted wigs and we can salvage them like new. We used the Take Down Remover Cream on this tangle wig- Check out the pictures below of a recent client who sent us a wig in a birds nest matted ball. Looks scary!!!

After 1 day of soaking the wig in the Take Down Remover and wrapping it to seal in moisture
and to allow the Take Down cream to penetrate faster and deeper. It took 6 hours to comb through all the matted hair and tangles. We worked from the outside of the matted areas first by pulling small strands of hair out little by little. Very Tedious work, however we could not have done it without the Take Down Remover.
Call us today, our Tangled Hair Techs will travel to you domestically and internationally:206-600-3036
Here are the After pictures- The wig looks great.


Unknown said...

Wow! I'm amazed with the after pictures. It's good to know that there are products that could help de-tangle wigs. I'm thinking of sharing this post to my cousin, Helen, who is using wigs in order to look fashionable. It's certain that Take Down Remover is helpful in taking care of her forever young wigs and front lace wigs.

Thanks for sharing this incredible post!

Unknown said...

Luv it! I am attempting to contact your company now.