Thursday, December 16, 2010

Analysis Of Removal For Sew-in Hair Weaves Or Sew-in Hair Extensions

If a client is wearing a sew-in hair weave, after cutting the thread that holds the hair extensions to the cornrow braids , soak the Take Down Remover Cream throughout the cornrow braids immediately.
Then gently unravel the cornrow braids at the hairline. This will give the new growth at the roots of the hair protection.
Another important factor for examining the hair, is that if the entire head of hair is weak, split and breaking, or if the hairline is weak or breaking, this area should not be pulled at all while removing extensions or braids.

This lady already has long thick natural hair. She enjoys wearing sew-in hair weaving to change her hairstyles with different looks without affecting her natural hair. HOWEVER in this case she made a grave mistake

Her sew-in weave was worn for 6 months, when she removed the hair extensions her long hair was very matted within the cornrows.
She unraveled the cornrow braids used shampoo and conditioner thinking it would soften her hair in order to detangle it. It made the knots/matted hair worse
Well this is what we call a MATTED MESS OR NEST

We had to use over 6 bottles of the Take Down Remover to begin to save her hair. We first soaked the matted hair, Then we had to begin to detangle sections of her hair - literally strand by strand. Then we would twist each combed out section

Fast Hair Loss with Fast Fingers

Many salons employ hair extension specialists who can braid, weave or dreadlock hair, to do all these hairstyles which have become an integral part of salon services. However the truth is that the salon hires these specialists to perform braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions on clients fast, accurately and with imagination and creativity; but many of their clients are losing hair.

Hairdressers are always taught to analyze the hair before applying hair extensions or braids. A head of hair must be healthy to take any additional weight, such as fusion extensions, or to stand up to the pulling and tension of braids. The strength of the hair around the hairline is particularly important.

So in line with this training, before removing a hairstyle, the hairdresser should analyze which type of take down removal method they want to apply to detangle and save their clients hair-while protecting all the new growth at the roots.

We were able to save  all her beautiful long hair.   The process took  over 10hours!

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