Monday, October 27, 2008

Matted In Mexico

I had my hair braided while on vacation in Mexico.

After one month, I decided it was time for the braids to come out. Having never had my hair braided in the past, I was completely ignorant about what to do. After unwinding the braids, I figured I would just jump in the shower and wash my hair like normal.

What a HUGE mistake that was. Within 10 minutes of showering, my hair sprung up into a wild rats nest! I picked at it for about two hours. It only seemed to get worse. Although I am almost 40 years old, I called my mother nearly in tears. She came over and yanked and pulled for another two hours.

By the time she left, I had two humongous Knots on each side of my head…one about the size of a golf ball (and hard as a rock) and the other, like a flat matted pancake. The worst part was that I still had the top portion of my hair braided which there was no undoing until the knots just below the braided part were gone.....

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