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The Two C’s of Detangling Tangled Matted Hair Are Not The Only Solutions!

The Two C’s of Detangling Tangled Matted Hair Are Not The Only Solutions!  One is using conditioner and the other is  cutting the hair.  

They are the two most common solutions for detangling very matted tangled knotted hair.  Often times these solutions have caused many people sadness or to become more depressed.

Nehemiah 8:10  “ ......And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.”

While we understand that  extreme TANGLED MATTED HAIR IS A SIGN OF DEPRESSION.  It is a common occurrence that many DEPRESSED PEOPLE DO NOT COMB THEIR HAIR.

Cutting or shaving the hair does not necessarily heal depression or matted tangled hair.  Sometimes cutting or shaving of matted tangled hair can cause depression because of the shock of losing all your hair at one chop-without any efforts being made to save the hair first.

Teenagers, elderly, people that are dealing with illness or recovering from illness, or women dealing with postpartum depression can end up having severally matted tangled hair.

Most people know that Depression Destroys the Desire to Deal with Life and Your Hair.  It’s like a THIEF.

1st  peter 5;7 “ casting the whole of your care....[all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.”

And if the connection between depression, detangling and matted tangled hair all seem strange or weird to you- the book of Isaiah 28:21 states that” For the Lord will rise up as on Mount Perazim....that He may do his work, strange work and bring to pass his act, His strange act.

Our mission is simply to provide you with options for your dreadlocks or tangled matted hair and as 1st Thess 4:18 says.  “Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words.”

It’s From Not Brushing My Hair-I Even Considered Skipping the Holidays- Depression
HELPP! My hair has a HUGE matted section I can't stand it anymore!! It's from not brushing my hair and always wearing it in a bun. I gotta do something fast
I cannot tell you how thankful I was to find your website.  I have had some very personal and trying things happen to me this year including the loss of my grandpa, my other grandpa being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the loss of my job and an unfaithful partner.  I went into a depression and stopped taking care of myself the way I should have been because of depression.  I am finally motivated again but I'm afraid to be in public because I'm damaging it more.  I've tried working on my own hair but it so matted I feel that I'm just making it worse.  I even considered skipping the holidays with my family because I feel so embarrassed about it and feared I would have to cut it all off.

Please help me, I've always had longer hair and its truly a part of my identity. It would be the most amazing gift for the holidays as its been such a touch year.

I pray to God that you will help me.I live in San Clemente, California but would travel wherever needed in Southern California to get your help.  Thank you,  L

Stressed Out in London-UK
I need help with my hair as they very badly tangled and I'm stressed out because of that therefore please contact me on .I'm based in London. Await hearing from you. Regards

Matted To My Scalp
I came across you guys from googling how to untangle my matted hair. I went to a salon and they told me I needed to shave it off. They shaved off the underneath of my hair and I balled my eyes out and I couldn’t let them shave the rest. I have thick curly hair and I went through a period of depression during my senior year of high school to where I didn’t even feel like getting it if bed. This has taken a huge toll on my self confidence and I don’t know what to do. My hair is holding me back and both of my brothers are getting married this year. One in may and one in November. I have tried everything. I live in North Carolina. I am willing to do anything! Please please help me. I’m desperate. I Can Only keep it in a pony tail. The only part that is matted is what is closet to my scalp. Thank you for taking your time to read this! 

Fell Asleep on Plane Ride!
Hi! I was on vacation and got a knot in my hair when I fell asleep during the long plane ride! It's about the size of a golf ball. I've tried detangling spray and leave in conditioner! Do you guys have any detangling hair techs in Las Vegas or recommend any places here in Las Vegas (Nevada) (or Henderson, Nevada)?

I’m 13, embarrassed and forced to go to school everyday
Hello tangled hair techs my name is J and I’m 13 years old I’m am terribly embarrassed of my hair it has been matted before and I have accomplished to get it out but it has never been this bad. I have always believed in god and I am afraid he is a shamed of he for my actions of not taking care of myself. I also feel as though this is my fault. I never want to take pictures and am forced to go to school with a bun everyday while other girls have many other hair styles. I hope u can help me even though I don’t believe u have a hair tech near me but I am willing to go where ever the closest one is to me to fix my biggest insecurity. 

Severed  Depression-difficult to wash my hair for 1 Year
hi, i have matted hair due to severe depression that made it difficult to wash and care for for about a year. I was wondering if you have anyone near westfield or springfield, massachusetts in the united states? I'm also curious about cost as well. I would appreciate any information you can give me thank you

Desperately Seeking Help-Liverpool UK
Hi there. I’m looking into all places that detangle severely matted hair. I’m from Liverpool UK but am willing to travel to have my hair fixed as I just can’t leave it the way it is any longer so am desperately seeking help.

I Abandoned Taking Care of My Hair-It Hurts
Hello, my name is K.   I'm from Saratoga springs, recently moved to glens falls NY. Despite the multiple hardships in my life I have abandoned taking care of my hair like I use to. I miss my hair so much it hurts! Everyday I'm discouraged by all the knots, mats and tangles. I found some of your videos on YouTube and went to your website right away. As money is an issue right now I was wondering if there was any home remedies or any suggestions on what I can do to help my hair. I'm just beginning to gain my self esteem back and positive vibes. I do have a lot at home I could use to help I just need someone to lead me the right way. I stopped doing my hair around six months ago maybe less. It's very very very curly and coarse. Please help! I look forward to any response. Thank you!   

My Hair is a Matted Mess!
I found a website on facebook that you help detangle hair, i myself went through a really rough time and my hair is now a matted mess. It is stopping me from doing a lot in my life and I just really need someone to help untangle it so I can finally move on. Do you guys have a phone number I can call? Where are you located? Please email me back whenever you are able too.
Thank you so much.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Healing in Hair Detangling

It is strange and incomprehensible for many to understand that there is healing in hair detangling. In Isaiah 28:21” For the Lord will rise up as on Mount Perazim....that He may do his work, strange work and bring to pass his act, His strange act.

 8 Months of Matted Clumps and Knot in Mass

 8 Months of Matted Clumps and Knot in Mass

After  All Hair Is Detangled from 8 Months of Matted Clumps and Knot in Mass

1 Year of Matted Hair to Scalp and Roots with DREADLOCK MATTED KNOTS REMOVAL

1 Year of Dreadlock Knots Matted Clumps using Take Down Remover Cream 

All of hair is completely detangled and braided into sections before shampooing.

There is healing in removing dreadlocks without cutting or shaving hair off. So many people with long hair are connected to their hair with love. When the hair is locked together in a knot, your mind and emotions are in a knot. It’s hard to think clearly or feel happy about yourself.

 You become irritable and very self conscious because people are starring at your hair and if you have been confined to your home because of your hair-it gets worse. When people hear this message they will be healed with hope that they can have their hair again-which automatically brings healing within; and destroys sadness.

Long hair is God’s gift, just as the word Jesus in the Bible is everlasting. Many cultures like the Indian Sikhs-all over the world believe that hair is a gift It takes a lot of work to maintain long hair as well- so it is so disheartening to have to abruptly shave it all off. For instance why is it a strange fact that when people laugh they heal faster.

 The Mayo Clinic has proven that Laughter can: Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. Activate and relieve your stress response. 1.LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE, 2. REDUCES STRESS HORMONE LEVELS,3. WORKS YOUR ABS, 4. IMPROVES CARDIAC HEALTH, 5. BOOSTS T-CELLS, 6. TRIGGERS THE RELEASE OF ENDORPHINS, 7. PRODUCES A GENERAL SENSE OF WELL-BEING.

We want you to laugh because now you are free from worry about your hair. You have a solution to your very tangled matted knotted hair.

In Luke 5:15, When people gathered to hear Jesus, healing took place. In Isaiah 28:21” For the Lord will rise up as on Mount Perazim....that He may do his work, strange work and bring to pass his act, His strange act.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Let’s work together to save it…...Hair Has A Voice!

Tangled matted hair recruits loose hairs, so it tends to pull in free hair.  The bible supports the value of saving your hair, so why should you be forced to unsympathetically shave off all your hair- just because its severely matted or tangled! 

Hair Has A Voice.  Let’s work together to save it…...
Luke 21:18  “ But not a hair on your head shall perish”
1 Samuel 14:45 “….As the Lord lives, there shall not one hair of his head perish….”
Job 4:15  “… of my flesh stood up”

Please HELP....... Matted Since 2016!

Subject: Matted hair.

Hello my name is Marissa and in October 2016 I became ill. I stayed in the hospital for a few days and just was never the same until recently I've been fighting with my health and I decided not to let it get the best of me anymore and a huge part of that is untangling my hair which I have let go since October. Hopefully someone can help please. Thank you 

Hi, my name is NG, from a Sikh family. As in Sikh religion, we can't cut our hair. I stopped combing for a long time and my hair is all matted. It's in the middle area close to the head. Please I need your help, I need to get my hair detangled. Please reply asap. I will give you more information if needed. Is it possible if I can get it done by you or one of your people. I can't cut it at all. Thank you for understanding and please try to reply asap. Thank-you

I'm at white lady who has a very sentitive scalp my hair has been matted since august of 2016 can u plz help me so I can have my hair normal again it has put a toll on me plz plz plz can u get back to me asap thank u..I live in Seattle WA area 
Subject: Severely knotted rats best hair my mother's has been like this for almost two months and we have tried everything it's gotten worse can u help please her head is starting to hurt here thank you from Jennifer

Subject: Help! Please!

I have an embarrassing issue with my hair. Because of multiple issues including PPD and being diagnosed with other chronic illnesses I have let my hair become pretty badly matted. I've had my hair "up in a messy matted bun" for a long time and I have no idea what to do other than shave it off. I don't want to shave it off. I am much healthier now (managing my chronic illness and my depression) and I just want to be able to brush my hair again and where it down like normal. I have ALOT of hair if I could wear it down and brush it out it would go down to my butt. I want to save my hair. I don't need to save all the length but as much length as possible. I live in palm coast Florida. Please email me back and let me know if y'all can help me!

Hi my name's Sara. I have a huge knot on the back of my head that has evolved over the past 3-5 months. By the time I even tried to untangle it myself, it was too far gone. I can't wait my hair down at all, always wrapped up in a pony tail or with a hat on. I've searched the internet for answers and this is the first hopeful site I've come across. Please help! I live in New York about 30 mins from the city.
Thank you. I look forward to speaking to or at least hearing from someone!! Desperation!! 

 KNOT Happy...Hair Hurts, Itches and Causes Headaches
Hello.  im a 31 year old female. I have suffered with depression since 15 or so. Long story short, just after New Years i got into another 'slump' which lasted about a month & didnt really take care of myself very well. Then mid Feb i noticed the huge knot in my hair. Wen i would take the hair elastic out but my hair didnt move. But between work, kids, & life in general it was easy to find reasons why i couldnt take care of it. My boyfriend & i have tried everything but its still like a hunk of concreat on my head. Its starting to hurt, itch, & give me headaches. Not to mention its not helping the depression & anxiety at all. I live in Bridgewater Massachusetts. I dont know if anything will come out writing to you but what do i have to loose (besidesmy hair)? Ive tried everthing else and my hair feels so gross its embarrassing. If you can help or even have any words of wisdom please write back. Thank you.

Sincerely KNOT very happy,
London is Calling For Help

Hi, I have an extreme problem with my hair, after not brushing it for about 2 weeks it has matted almost completely and it looks dreadlocked. I really don't want to have to cut it off but because I have very long and thick hair this problem occurs very frequently and I was hoping that I could get some help from you. 
Please let me know if someone could help untangle my hair. I live in central London and would love to have my old hair back as soon as possible. 
Thank you, 

Hi I'm from the uk and have seriously matted hair. Got extensions then mental illness and now its just horrendous! was just wondering where you're based and how much you charge! thank you :) x

Matted Hair In Teenagers

Hi. My name is Sumaya Khanom and I am so glad that I can contact you. For a while my hair had been notted and I never really had the time to get them​ out and soon they became a big problem for me. I usually just put my hair into a bun but it is starting to show so I decided to wear a head scarf. My mother doesn't really know and if she tried to get It​ out then she will definitely struggle. I have a huge celebration coming up and I really want my hair back to normal. I have been really upset about this and it is always on my mind. I know this is shocking but I am only 12 years old. So I am really worried about how much it might cost but it really would mean the world to me if my hair was normal. There is a couple of weeks until I am having this celebration so I am really worried. Please reply to his email as soon as possible.

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl from Iowa. I have a horrible huge knot on the top of my head. It's been there for months. After one of my ex's I thought I loved broke up with me, with the added stress of my father being handicapped and school I just stopped taking care of myself. I threw it up and forget about it. I didn't even know it was bad untill I took it down one day and I couldn't even separate it. I've been trying to work on it. Using conditioners, detangle sprays and special brushes and nothing works. My parents won't leave me alone about it. They don't understand that I'm trying and I'm at the end of my rope. I even think about just killing myself because I'd hate the way I'd look being bald. I don't know what to do and I really need help. 

Hi I'm a female from Clear Lake Iowa and I just wanted to know if there was anything you could to help me with my hair I've been depressed for awhile and I'm only 19. I can't live my life and have for because I feel so bad about myself and my hair being matted.  Please message me if there's anything you might be to help me I would appreciate so very much. 

Subject: Matted hair from glue extensions

I was on Google and came across your website I need help please about few months ago I started to glue my hair extensions in which I now realise was a very bad move my hair is very matted underneath the extensions and won't come out I don't know how else to get rid of it. I've been told to shave my hair off which I really don't want to do. Is there anything I can do to get my hair back and get all the glue out its literally like a nest a hair brush won't go through it if I try to brush it out without extensions.
Please help me 
Thank you

I Told God I’m Embarrassed....  

look I dont know what im going to do with my hair cause I stay in Mississippi and I dont want nobody to know why im going to Atlanta just to get my hair detangled...then I wont be able to have the money either so i dont know what to do about my hair...i really just want my hair back cause i'm embrassed about it..I dont take pictures with anyone i barley go out because my hair looks a mess I act like it doesnt bother me but it I was just trying to fit in when I first started it then I took it a bit overboard when it started growing then i let it get mattted so now my head feels heavy I told God that im embrassed about my hair and I just want to start over with my hair..cause its part of my life...sometimes I even think my girlfriend doesnt find me attractive anymore cause of my hair and that really hurts for me to think like that,,,I havent asked her but im pretty sure she doesnt find me attractive anymore..I havent told anybody about my hair problems but you and God...i wish I could get this off my head but I guess im going to have to just live with it

Exhausted- I Sew Down and Wear Wigs daily- Severely Matted, tangled, and dreaded hair! 

Hello, my name is Marquita and I'm not sure if I'll be able to say anything that other people hasn't said already. I feel like all of the posts that I've read explains the exact way I feel completely. I am completely embarrassed and exhausted when it comes to my hair. I use to get sew ins all the time but got lazy and too tired to take the braids down to redo the sew in so in turn, my hair has gotten severely matted and tangled. It looks like one huge dredlock. I sew down and wear wigs everyday just to go to work. I don't want to cut my hair but I'm running out of people with patience and options. I can't afford to travel so I was praying and hoping that someone could come out to me in Illinois. Please reach out to me asap!! I am in desperate need to restore my hair, confidence, and emotional state when it comes to my hair. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Thank u so much for ur support actually my financial  condition is not good  so i want to how much u guys charge for the whole thing my hair is long.. 1 side my hair is ok but the other side its full matted and i am 8 months pregnant. So can u plz send me the details of how much u guys charge and u ill come to my houses or i have to come to you..
Thank u
I've proudly grown my hair to stretch MID-Way down my back, only to develop this problem even though I cut out Sodium Laurel Sulfate and the like, since it caused my BEAUTIFUL HAIR THAT WAS BEHAVING SO WELL TO MATT UP INTO A   BIRD NEST! 


I wear hair accessories when I go outdoors. My hair is natural and I trim it, chop off, wash, condition, Use the Blow dryer on it to dry it quickly before heading outdoors again and detangle it myself. But for over a month of  stressful situations have caused me to hide my hair under a wig rather than deal with it. Now The TANGLES are so BAD it is as if I purposely tried to loc it, although I didn't! 

Mostly wigs because once you go THE GLAM LOOK it is difficult to reverse it. 

Recently I was searching for DETANGLE HELP ON YOUTUBE WHEN I CAME UPON YOUR CHANNEL. I had no idea that your company existed since 1999!  
I'd love to obtain the TAKE DOWN REMOVAL CREME and the shampoo too through a salon in my local area of Brooklyn NY!!!  
Please help!

Men Have Matted Hair Too! 

 Hello! My name is Brandon and I'm looking into setting up an appointment for these huge tangled mats at the bottom of my hair as a result of leaving a twisted bun in for too long. I live in Bartlett, Illinois and I am looking for the closest location and wondering about the cost and how to set up an appointment if I decide to do so. I tried calling the number on the site but I get a record that is difficult to hear. Thank you!

You must work to detangle and untangle your matted tangled hair every day.  Not every 3 days.  Consistency is key.  You will also waste the Take Down Remove detangler product.  

The hair needs to stay moist.  Do not start this detangle process until you are committed to keep working on it.  You are worth the work! It’s YOUR God given crown that’s of value .

Ultimately it’s truly and really all about patience, persistence and faith in detangling hair.  Please do not give up….you are almost there!  “All things are possible with God”. Luke 1:37

1 .Isaiah 60:1  “ Arise from the depression…..
Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come,
And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.

2. 1 Cornthians  11:15
“….long hair is honor
15 but if a woman has long hair, it is her ornament and glory? For her long hair is given to her as a covering.

3.  Matthew 10:30  “….hair numbered
30 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered 

4. Luke 12: 7  “….don’t  fear hair numbered

Indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be afraid; you are far more valuable than many sparrows.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Determined to Detangle Matted hair...Desiring Detangle Services... Yet Tangled in Doubt!

Our desire at Tangled Hair Techs International  is simply to dissolve doubt concerning detangling very matted tangled hair.

The story of Daniel in the Bible reveals that God can give wisdom and knowledge to solve any problem if we sincerely desire it.  
Daniel 5:16 proves to us that we all can receive wisdom from God to help solve or interpret difficult, knotty, tangled problems.

Subject: Beyond Thankful!!

Thank you so much for your quick response.  I attempted to do it myself and was able to work my way through it and untangle all of it.  If it wasn't for your video and encouragement I would have not even tried.  I didn't even have that much hair loss.  God bless you all.  Thank you.


I will stay anonymous for this subject since its not something in proud of.

I'm a mixed woman of 35 years old living in Canada. I always took extra good care of my beautiful long thick hair. Always using natural stuff and essential oils. People always complimented me for my beautiful hairs.
This winter I've been through alot and I just crashed! During my vegetable period I did what is a big no no : Washing my hair, not brushing them or nothing and just went back straight to bed with my wet hair.

I wasn't taking care of myself for about a month so I was just tight my hair up and it was a done deal.

When I realized I had to cut them because it was impossible to detangle( and my scalp is extra sensitive due to eczema)... I couldn't find any solutions and I was so ashamed I didn't want to tell nobody.There's no words to describe how pissed off at myself I was and I felt as pretty as any crackheads you see on the streets! I'm not exaggerating.

So i went on YouTube look for suggestions and i found you.

The product Is impossible to find in Canada and I couldn't afford your very expensive shipping.(remember Canadian dollar is always low)

So finally I decided to attack my hair pain and tears or not. It was soooooo painful I started to drink a bottle of vodka just to be able to keep detangling. My hair were sooo dry it was like straw. I could get them from the floor make a ball with them and only the cat thought it was super cool!

I've gained 50 pounds so cutting my hair was like I'd choose to gain an extra 100 pounds.

I cried so many nights!

Finally I found a website were I could buy it and the shipping was in the normal standards so I ordered one bottle since that's all I could afford. 
Made me nervous because it says I will probably need 2. Long and thick hair...

It arrived and I've used half the bottle put a plastic cap on my head and went to bed. Woke up next day started detangling one hair at a time..taking guess since I can't see the back of my head.. Arms up... Got tired put back on the plastic cap and did this routine for 3days. 

I'm back to the pretty woman I was.and there is still some left in the bottle! Not much about 30ml... BUT STILL! :O
I just had to get some intense hydration mask on and on. Proteins. And get my ends cut.

It is important for me to take this take to say THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

This product is amazing!

The only thing is.. Maybe you should consider selling it in Canada.. Because at that price in u.s. Money...its not cool for us. The pric of the bottle is great is the shipping the issue. And I don't understand why I couldn't find it in black beauty stores.

One again thanks indefinitely! I felt so bad,so much like crap, looking like it with my hair... Everything was going down and I had suicidal thoughts!

Unbelievable how important the hair is a huge element of our self confidence,identity and in my case... LIFE!

God bless you and be proud of being able to help desperate and depressed women!

Goodbyes from Montréal :)

I've had Severely matted hair nearly 3 yrs. It started w/a broken wrist and it had mild matting that quickly progressed after washing it, going to bed w/it wet and covering it with wigs without detangling first to look presentable at work. I worked fast food at acTexmex restaurant. It quickly matted up badly & nothing I tried worked at unmatting it! I tried conditioners, mixed them w/glycerin, curl activator gel, everything; you name it! Nothing worked! It got worse, so I eventually quit taking my wig off & would leave it on up to 2 wks because it was so hard and time consuming to take on and off. 
Eventually my scalp started smelling from the build up, but rinsing it w/diluted shampoo/conditioner kept it matted to the scalp in huge bird nest like masses! It started off in 4 braids, top 2 from mid part to just under ears, then other 2 in back bottom portion; Now it is literally 1 solid mass that I cannot get apart!

 I ordered 1 bottle of Take Down Remover Cream; it loosened from my scalp, but I didn't have time to get it apart because of my work schedule, and because it is too far gone & difficult to tackle myself, and I would Never let anyone else see it, much less try to do anything to it! It is so Embarrassing!! I am black by the way w/ a 4a/4b curl pattern. 

I am Desperate to get my hair apart so I can have a normal life again; as this is Severely Depressing & Embarrassing for me and physically damaging as well. The tension is pulling on my roots and I'm terrified I will have severe hair loss & stunted growth from years of having my scalp covered under wigs! It is physically painful, I have neck pain & headaches from caring all this extra weight from embedded dirt and grime that I can't get out of my severely matted hair! It has become unbearable and even has affected me on a former job. It was brought to my attention that it smelled like I had been working out even after rinsing it. I was mortified as this has never happened in my life! ( I used to love cleansing my hair & did so weakly prior to this). 

Now I only rinse it once a month because it is so matted and hard to recover w/my wig. And I can only wear curly or wavy big hair because my real hair is so big underneath, it pushes my hair up to 2" off my scalp in the back and looks ridiculous no matter how hard I try to pack it down! It is Very Embarrassing & I have even felt suicidal at times because of the embarrassing current state of my hair, the frustration of Not being able to do anything about it due mainly to financial reasons, Not having access to anyone who could help me w/out judging and criticizing me, and my resistance to lose my length or hair; it used to be armpit length when straightened. 

And I have a long, thin face and prominent forehead which doesn't look attractive w/short hair, so cutting was never really an option for me, and the thought that I might have to cut it all off is Very Disturbing & Emotionally Painful!! I feel trapped and have virtually No self esteem left! Everyone just thinks I should cut it all off & start over, since I wear wigs everyday anyway. They say no one will know, but I will, and hate the idea of seeing myself w/ short hair! I would rather have longer damaged hair that I can get braided every other month and trimmed until it is even & healthy and wear a sew in until my real hair is as long and healthy as I want! And I would like the option of actually occasionally being able to wear my real hair out occasionally w/out it being short, and making me feel Unattractive & Masculine like! 

Some may view that as old, suppressive thinking, and I'm not saying I don't agree w/that choice for other women; but Not for Me! I want my real shoulder length hair back! Please help! I can't afford to have it professionally detangled; though it Needs to be, and want to know if there are any financing options available for the working poor! Please help Me! 

This is my last resort before I have to cut it all off! I don't even know if mine is too far gone & can even be saved, but I would do anything to save it if it can be saved!! I'm in desperate Need of your Help!!!😞 

I am Very Depressed & will sink even further if I have to cut all my hair off! I'm already embarrassed publicly, and it negatively affects my private life as well! Please Help Me Please!!! I want to know if there are any tangled hair techs in Texas or my area of Texas. I'm not able to travel and want to know how someone can come to me to provide this long overdue, much needed life altering detangling service! I am Desperate & Need Immediate Help! I can't live the rest of the year like this! So please contact Me ASAP w/information on how to start this process, and provide full pricing information along w/ payment options! Please contact Me ASAP as I Cannot go on like this any longer! Thank You, RC

I have been very depressed fro 10 yrs and battling damages from transvaginal MESH, AND being ripped off ny my lawyer on my Mesh lawsuit! They were a total waste of my money and time, leading me on for nothing!
anyway, here in Fallbrook CA it gets to 106 degrees inside my house and it is so miserable when I had hair down to my rear as a former belly dancer. So I would just make a long tight twist and tack it up on the back of my head sorta like a french twist. At night I couldn't ever sleep because of the MESH pain down my throbbing legs and I would flip from one side to the other all night long in my sweat. I would just flig my long hair side to side and mats started on the back pf my neck. So trying to stop that from continuing I just use haor pins to tact the big french twist down, because i was tored of getting tangled in my long hair at night as I wrestled in pain flipping back & forth.
NOW that goant twist has just locked down tight! Now I can't lay on my back as it's like having a giant hard hair pillow/ or hair helmet i tell my husband. He was always cruel to me keeping me so upset 24/7 too so he just ignored my request that he help me UN-DO this hair rt from the start…therefore I just became more of a recluse never going out even, uless I wrap up my head like a Talibanner! 

Now it's in the 100 degrees again and no one to help. I bought small stainless steel knitting needles to use as pryBars, but still no one to help save any of this long hair. I am afraid that if a doctor saw this they might call the health department, as I look like a homeless person now, and am getting styles in my eyes a lot now too. Its strange how the matting is reaching forward on the top of my head too, it itches ans I can scrape dead skin under it with my finger nails. Next worry that with so much dead skin that the faint smell of that getting wet with seat might attract flies and then my fear is maggots! This is a complete NIGHTMARE! I am totally unrecognizable to the belly damcer that even did some modeling before. Because I fear the dead skin smell I do soap it up heavily with DAWN dish soap to cut the grease and then regular shampoo and a good conditioner…but the drying such a lump is even another nightmare that smells strange too.

So is there any help you could do for me and my ever hardening hair helmet? It is so extremely aggravating to me that I am ready to go like the gilr starring in "V for Vendetta" But then the wig scene would be so blazing hot in the town too, AND I know causes matts in itself.
I appreciate some help ASAP.

May God direct your path,